Giovanni A. Tassone Architects
19 projects  :  11 complete  |  1 under construction  |  7 pre-construction

According to The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, “perhaps, it would be best to describe architects as conductors who orchestrate and take the lead in reconciling all the goals for a building or other structure.”  

At Giovanni Tassone Architect Inc. we are accomplished and dedicated designers of high-rise residential, commercial and institutional developments and we are committed to this philosophy.  

Established in 2000, our passion and love of our work has never waned.  As a result, we have the privilege of working with a loyal, dedicated clientele who have readily attested that we “are there from concept to occupancy and hubris is non-existent”.   Our team of proactive, client-sensitive professionals is committed to design and technical excellence in developing buildings of cast-in-place concrete, composite metal systems and mass timber.

We are proud of the critically acclaimed buildings we have produced while maintaining our commitment to prioritizing economics, collaborative engagement of sub-consultants, skillful navigation of municipal processes and creating spaces that instill pride.

Address 185 Bridgeland Ave, Suite 107, Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1Y7, Canada
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