ASPECT Structural Engineers
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ASPECT Structural Engineers is a globally acclaimed, full-service structural engineering firm and mass timber consultancy.

Founded in 2016, we are now a cohesive team of more than 50 engineers, technicians, and support staff. Through thoughtful yet pragmatic design practices and rigorous training, the engineers at ASPECT understand not only their role in contributing to a project, but also how to support the roles of others.

Many members of the ASPECT team started their careers in other disciplines, pulling from their experience working with carpenters, contractors, suppliers, or architects to contribute to a wider understanding of the value that structural engineers can bring to a project. Our team-based approach focuses on better design, improved constructability, and unwavering accountability.

From the beginning, ASPECT has been driven by the importance of true sustainability, underscoring our commitment to understanding, and educating others on the benefits of, mass timber. Beyond producing award-winning structural engineering work for everything from office buildings, to bridges, to custom homes, we also dedicate a substantial amount of time to working with other industry leaders - industry suppliers, architects, and clients - to work through new ways to design and build for the future using mass timber. Our diverse team is active in markets around the world, with dedicated offices in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) as well as Switzerland (Bern).

Address 116 Spadina Avenue, Suite 700, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2K6, Canada
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