It's that time of year again! Rounding up another busy year of city building, we are returning with our fourth annual UrbanToronto Year-End Readers' Poll, giving you the chance to vote on your favourite new buildings completed over the last 12 months. This year, we are back with 67 newly completed projects, which, if you stacked them one atop the other—carefully mind you—would climb to a staggering combined height that exceeds 4 kilometres.

This year's candidates have been grouped into 7 categories, focusing on everything from low-rise townhome developments up to sky-scraping towers, as well as special categories for modern-heritage mash-ups, and the 6 new subway stations on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project. With so many projects to choose from this year, readers are able to select up to three of their favourite projects from each of the 7 categories listed below. You don't have to rank the projects: just pick your favourites in each category, and everybody's combined votes will determine the final rankings. You can vote up until midnight on January 1.

Our first poll question asks you to select up to three of the six new stations on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension which you like best. The extension opens on the 17th, so if you're unfamiliar with the stations, you have time to check them out prior to voting!

 Vote On The Best Buildings of 2017!TYSSE stations in our 2017 poll

Next up, you can select up to three of the eight shortlisted townhome developments completed this year. The selections span a broad range of architectural styles, ranging from the more traditional styles like The Townes of Richview and Brownstones at Westown, to striking contemporary styles like Core Modern Homes. In the poll, you will find links to each project's database files, and from there to their associated Forum threads if you want to check them out in more depth.

 Vote On The Best Buildings of 2017!Townhome projects in our 2017 poll

Stepping up in height, our next category asks you to select up to three favourite buildings completed in 2017, measuring between 15 and 37 metres in height: that makes these the low end of our mid-rise category, what you might consider an 'Avenues' style development, or a 'boutique' condo. 11 candidates in this height range were completed this year, all of which are primarily residential in use.

 Vote On The Best Buildings of 2017!15-37 metre-tall projects in our 2017 poll

The next category asks you to pick from a pool of 11 buildings measuring between 37 and 60 metres in height, or the high side of mid-rise. Like our 15 to 37-metre category, these buildings are almost entirely residential, with the exception of an 11-storey office condominium development at 135 Yorkville Avenue.

 Vote On The Best Buildings of 2017!37-60 metre-tall projects in our 2017 poll

Our "60 to 125 metres" category features 11 candidates, all primarily residential; these are the shorter bunch of skyscraping high-rises to have been completed. This includes rental towers like Primo at Casa Emery Village and Velocity at the Square, condominium developments like Exhibit Residences, and even a student residential housing project in CampusOne Student Residence.

 Vote On The Best Buildings of 2017!60-125 metre-tall projects in our 2017 poll

Our tallest category, always the most vote-getting, covers buildings 125 metres tall or tall. Some very high profile developments are included in this pool of 11 candidates, including the 76-storey One Bloor East, which was the tallest building completed in Toronto in 2017 at a height of 257 metres. Again, all of the entries except for one in the category are primarily residential, the exception being the EY Tower in the Financial Core.

 Vote On The Best Buildings of 2017!125 metre + projects in our 2017 poll

Finally, a small selection of projects of various sizes that blend a modern section with heritage preservation make up our "Modern/Heritage Mix" category, where again, you can choose three of your favourites. We suspect this new category will actually be the toughest for people to choose from as there are several excellent developments among the 9 to choose from.

 Vote On The Best Buildings of 2017!Modern/heritage mix projects in our 2017 poll


Spread the word! The more votes, the better the poll reflects Torontonians' feelings about the way the city is developing! You do not need to be an UrbanToronto or SkyriseCities member to vote. Voice your opinions on this year's candidates and share the poll on social media using the hashtag, #UrbanTorontoPoll. Click this link to go to the survey now! Have fun!

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The Polls run until midnight on January 1st, and the final results will published on UrbanToronto and SkyriseCalgary on January 2nd.