The final phases of the Davenport Village revitalization have been revised in plans recently submitted to the City of Toronto. Prepared by M. Behar Planning & Design on behalf of Neudorfer Corporation, the proposal for 980 Lansdowne Avenue includes three residential towers, 24, 28 and 32 storeys high, connected by a podium. Along with the towers, four rows of 4-storey townhouses will be located along Lansdowne Avenue. Designed by Gabriel Bodor Architect Inc, the last phases will add 1,054 residential units to Davenport Village.

Looking southwest, image via Gabriel Bodor Architect

The Davenport Village Plan covers an area of approximately 22 acres north of Dupont Street to Davenport Road between Lansdowne Avenue and the CN rail corridor. Divided into 9 phases, the redevelopment of the previously industrial area into a neighbourhood is bringing the construction of over 2,300 new residences to accommodate all incomes, preservation of existing heritage sites and addition of outdoor green spaces. The proposed towers and townhomes are located just north of the CP rail corridor and immediately west of Lansdowne avenue, on the Phase 6 and Phase 9 plots as seen in the maps below. (The phases have not been constructed in numerical order: the most recent completions have been of Fuse Condos in phase 8.)

Phase map of Davenport Village site, image via Gabriel Bodor Architect

The three residential towers will include a total of 975 units, consisting of one bachelor unit, 600 1-bedroom units, 186 2-bedroom units and 188 3-bedroom units. The towers are clad with precast concrete and window wall, and vary in height to create a “dynamic skyline”. A central landscaped courtyard connects from Brandon Avenue, leading to all main entrances and loading areas. The development will have 2,205 m² of indoor amenity space and 5,454 m² outdoor amenity space, including a pool, tennis courts, play area, and fitness stations. Below-grade parking will include a total of 628 residential spaces, with 428 spaces designated for residents and 200 spaces for visitors. 834 bicycle parking spaces will be available underground, 639 of these for residents and 195 for visitors. All functional aspects of the building, such as waste services, mechanical, and storage lockers will be found underground.

Detail of towers looking southwest, image via Gabriel Bodor Architect

The 4-storey townhomes will consist of 75 units, separated into 4 rows and constructed on a slight decline to Lansdowne Avenue. The townhouses are designed with a darker brick cladding and larger windows with black frames and brick arches. Each unit will be approximately 147m² in size, with mechanical services on the rooftop. Shared below-ground parking will hold a total of 306 parking spaces, with 280 of these designated for residents and 26 reserved for visitors. Bicycle parking will also be included in the parkade with a total of 95 spaces, 20 of these designated for visitors.

Detail of townhouses looking southwest, image via Gabriel Bodor Architect

We will keep you updated as this rental project continues to evolve, and more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can learn more by checking out our dataBase file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment on this page, or join the ongoing conversation in our associated Forum thread.