Metrolinx has announced opportunities for artists to enter the bidding process for the commission of new public art installations throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Open until May 29th, the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) invites professional artists to submit their credentials for creating integrated art pieces that will be installed across new regional transit infrastructure. 

There will also be opportunities to feature public arts at new and revitalized transit stations—such as the Cooksville GO station, seen below—and rapid transit corridors across the GTHA, with individual budgets ranging from $0.25 million to $1 million. The total integrated art budget includes art design fees, engineering/professional services, materials, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. 

Davenport Diamond Grade Separation, Toronto, by MetrolinxRendering of Davenport Diamond grade separation, image courtesy of Metrolinx

The first of the new public art opportunities is for installations along the public spaces created by the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation in Toronto's west end. The elevated green corridor will feature up to four major art sites, with a total integrated art budget of $4 million. 

Davenport Diamond Grade Separation, Toronto, by MetrolinxRendering of Davenport Diamond grade separation, image courtesy of Metrolinx 

Metrolinx is encouraging artists who have a strong professional profile and a history of public exhibitions, with experienced in creating large, permanent works, to apply for consideration. The RFQ is the first of a two-stage competitive process to identify artists to be considered for upcoming projects. artists who have been shortlisted will then be invited to submit a detailed concept design proposal, with Metrolinx granting final approvals for artists and installations. 

Cooksville Go Station, Mississauga, by MetrolinxRendering of revitalized Cooksville Go Station, image courtesy of Metrolinx 

Integrated public artworks can include on a very wide variety of physical and audiovisual media, with a diverse set of installations set to be considered. According to Metrolinx, the integrated art under consideration can take on many forms:

  • Interior or exterior architectural station elements (including but not limited to special floor, ceiling, wall, architectural detail or lighting treatments);
  • Works integrated into the design of sites, buildings and landscapes in publicly accessible and visible areas of a site (including walls, floors and ceilings);
  • Works integrated into infrastructure elements and along rights-of-way (including bridges, retaining walls, noise walls, catenary structures/power poles, billboards, finishes/coverings for mechanical sheds, lighting, landscaping, new or existing screens);
  • Video, film or new media works displayed on digital screens or projected on surfaces, including works commissioned or purchased to be installed in new or pre-existing screens.

Artists who are who interested or considering in these opportunities have until May 29, 2017 at 9am ET to apply, with more information available here.