Construction on Toronto's re-imagined Berczy Park has ramped up in anticipation of the park's much-awaited opening on October 31st. With exactly two months to go, construction of the Downtown park has begun to impact the character of adjacent Front Street, bringing urban trees and new public artwork to the bustling corridor. 

Designed by Montréal-based Claude Cormier + AssociésBerczy Park will bring a vibrant urban destination and a green, pedestrian-friendly communal space to the growing neighbourhood. As the park's ribbon-cutting looms, the construction process has buckled down, bringing exciting new developments. Earlier this month, a canine-themed showpiece fountain—topped with a golden bone and adorned with pug-shaped water spouts—materialized in the heart of the re-imagined Berczy Park. 

Berczy Park, Toronto, Claude Cormier + AssociésGolden bone sits atop Berczy Park's fountain (detail), image by UT Forum contributor skycandy

Since our last update, the park's paving has extended to meet Front Street in a colourful geometric pattern, the Wellington Street sidewalk has been completed and is now re-opened to the public, and trees have taken root along Front Street and throughout the park, planted using Silva Cell technology to ensure fuller growth and their longevity.

Berczy Park, Toronto, Claude Cormier + AssociésThe re-opened Wellington Street sidewalk, image by Sophia Reuss

Paving has also been laid along the Scott Street boundary, with granite bollards used to demarcate the street and sidewalk. Similar to the bollards on Markham Street, those along Berczy Park will direct foot traffic away from cars while reducing obstacles for those with limited mobility.

Berczy Park, Toronto, Claude Cormier + AssociésBollards now line the Scott Street frontage, image by Sophia Reuss

As the northern stretch of paving nears completion, finishing touches have begun to connect the park with the bordering streets. Metal bike posts line Front Street, and classic black lamp posts now dot both Front and Scott Streets. Public benches have also made an appearance on the site, and will eventually provide ample space for passersby and neighbours to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Berczy Park, Toronto, Claude Cormier + AssociésMetal Bike posts line Front Street (detail), image by Stefan Novakovic

Sculptures and public artworks are beginning to surround the fountain, bringing a playful character to Berczy Park. No less than 28 animal sculptures, including 27 dogs and a lone cat, have arrived from Claude Cormier + Associés' fabricators.

Berczy Park, Toronto, Claude Cormier + AssociésGeometric paving extends to Front Street, image by Stefan Novakovic

The Berczy Family statue, which was once sequestered near the park's Scott Street border, will assume a more prominent location in the park near the mural garden. The City of Toronto art procurement process and a community judging panel has selected new public artwork, which will eventually be located in the green activity area.

Berczy Park, Toronto, Claude Cormier + Associés, Berczy Family SculptureBerczy Family statue to be relocated near mural garden (detail), image by UT Forum contributor Benito

An interactive piece Jacob's Ladder, by Toronto artist Luis Jacob, will feature two large bronze hands emerging from the ground with fingers reaching towards the skies and trees, inviting children to climb and play with the sculptures. Jacob's sculpture will be installed in Spring 2017. 

We will keep you updated as Berczy Park continues to take shape over the next two months, public artwork continues to be installed, and streets re-open to the public. In the meantime, more details about the park's light standards in landscaping is available in our previous editorial, while further information about the project can be found in our dataBase file, linked below.

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