"For the first time in its history, Statscan has reported that Canada's over-65 population outnumbers our under-15 population," Kern Kalideen, Executive Pastor of Scarborough's Global Kingdom Ministries tells us. Underlining the importance of accommodating an ageing population, Kalideen's Global Kingdom Ministries have launched Trinity Ravine Towers, a progressive senior living development that seeks to maintain a strong bond between older residents and their community. 

Trinity Ravine Towers, Toronto, by Trinity Ravine Towers, Reinders + RiederA rendering of Trinity Ravine Towers, image courtesy of TRT

The two-tower development is set to rise directly across from the Global Kingdom Ministries church near Markham and Ellesmere, which serves as a focal point for many members of the community. with services regularly drawing churchgoers numbering in the thousands. "But we're not just building a community for Christians," says Kalideen, "the Trinity Ravine community is a place where everyone feels welcome. Our own congregation already brings together people from 63 countries worldwide, and our residences will be open to anyone."

Trinity Ravine Towers, Toronto, by Trinity Ravine Towers, Reinders + RiederKern Kalideen and Sales Director Melanie Burton next to the scale model, image by Jack Landau

"Our goal is to create a space that encourages independence, community engagement, and wellbeing, while providing for the changing needs of residents as they age," Kalideen continues. "The community will have a 300-person dining hall, as well as socially-oriented amenities such as an arts and crafts centre, a fitness centre, and a movie theatre. In addition, an on-site wellness centre—which will feature full-time nursing staff—means that residents can feel comfortable and secure in the community, even as their needs change over time. Our Life Lease program also provides many of the benefits of condominium ownership, but at a relatively approachable price point."

Trinity Ravine Towers, Toronto, by Trinity Ravine Towers, Reinders + RiederInterior suite rendering, image courtesy of TRT

Proximity to the church also puts residents in close contact with a vital hub of the community. Beyond services, the church "also offers volunteering and mentorship opportunities to members of the wider community," Kalideen adds, emphasizing the importance of maintaining vibrant and impactful lifestyles in later years. "For many people, this is also the community that they're familiar with, where they know the neighbours, the supermarkets, with family and friends nearby. We want to help maintain those connections."

Trinity Ravine Towers, Toronto, by Trinity Ravine Towers, Reinders + RiederThe lobby at Trinity Ravine Towers, image courtesy of TRT

Designed by Reinders and Rieder Ltd., with interiors appointed by Johnson Chou Inc., the development will be built in two phases. The first tower will rise to a height of 25 storeys, with 209 units ranging in size from 667 to 1,453 ft². A second tower will add another 235 units to the community, with similar unit configurations designed to suit a wide variety of lifestyles. All units will feature fully accessible bathrooms, outfitted with step-in showers and safety bars (below). 

Trinity Ravine Towers, Toronto, by Trinity Ravine Towers, Reinders + RiederA view of the bathroom in the model suite, image by Jack Landau

Part of the 11 acre lot for the development is also being given over to the City, Kalideen explains, with "4 acres of natural landscaping expected along the nearby creek," creating a pleasant natural retreat. The architecture and area landscape is highlighted in Trinity Ravine Towers' video, seen below:

For an ageing population sometimes susceptible to loneliness and social isolation—and all the increased health and wellness risks posed therein—the Trinity Ravine Towers development promises to put its "55 Plus" residents at the centre of the community, maintaining vital links and social engagement.  

An on-site sales centre—including a full model suite—is now open in a building adjoining the church at 1250 Markham Road. Additional information and more renderings can be found on our dataBase file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts on the project? Leave a comment in the space below this page, or join in the conversation on our associated Forum thread.