After 40 years of providing fun by the lake, Ontario Place closed its doors in 2011 and now, along with almost all of our waterfront, it's due for revitalization. Opened in 1971 this theme park featured not only top-of-the-line attractions but the world's first permanent IMAX theatre, but after years of slowing admissions the former landmark stands ready to play an important part in the city's revitalized future. A few months ago we learned about the 18 rccommendations made by former MPP John Tory who suggested the area contain new parks, entertainment, shops, workplaces and residences. Most recently in late June the first stage of revitalization was officially announced and will transform 7.5 acres of the eastern end of the 96-acre property. A waterfront trail surrounded by a moderately sized park will take the place of the existing surface parking lots and will connect to the larger trail system that currently stretches 780 km along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

Parking lots, Ontario Place, TorontoSurface parking lots soon to disappear

Before the province takes the next step and solicits bids from local and international landscape architects, it's running a campaign that's looking for your opinion on what exactly you would like to see come out of the park and trail. There is a detailed survey on their website you can check out here. Although the first stage of revitalization is on schedule (along with a whole host of other public works projects) to wrap up in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games, revitalization of the entire property will not finish up untill 2017.

Toronto Skyline, Ontario Place, TorontoLooking east towards the skyline for Ontario Place

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