The intensification of North York's main streets is a long and ongoing process. What was once a traditional, quiet suburb has been witnessing massive amounts of high rise residential and office development change its face, especially at the North York City Centre. The opening of the Sheppard subway line just over a decade ago has turned the intersection of Yonge and Sheppard into one of the most important crossroads in the city. Today we take another look at this hub's southeast corner where the massive Hullmark Centre project is coming to fruitition.

Hullmark Centre Construction, TorontoHullmark Centre Tower Construction, Image by vz64

Hullmark Centre, Construction, TorontoHullmark Centre Soth Tower, Image by Jivey80

Developed by Tridel and Hullmark, the Hullmark Centre is a mixed use residential, retail and office development that consists of two towers and a public plaza. As you can see above, the 35-storey south tower has recently topped off, with the crane high atop the entirely residential tower scheduled to come down on the 7th of June.

The 49-storey north tower, on the other hand, still has quite a ways to go. Its lower floors with higher ceiling heights will contain the building's office component, while atop them more residential units will rise. you can see in the topmost photo that the office floors are complete, and that a transfer slab has been poured. A transfer slab is a particularly thick floor that allows the loads carried by columns of the floors above to transfer to columns below which are out of alignment with them. Work should start on the offset residential floors above shortly.

Below, another perspective gives us a view down over the building's podium-top garden area as some of the trees are brought in to start the landscaping.

Hullmark Centre Construction, TorontoHullmark Centre Construction, Image by jivey80

Hullmark Centre Construction, TorontoHullmark Centre Construction, Image by jivey80

Residential units in this Kirkor Architects-designed project range in size from 922 ft² to 2,147 ft²and cost between $528,750 and $1,500,000. With quick access to two subway lines and ever growing retail and office space we expect the demand for housing in this area to increase dramatically.

Hullmark Centre Rendering, TorontoHullmark Centre Rendering, Image courtesy of Tridel and Hullmark

The Hullmark Centre still has a ways to go before it wraps up construction next year with the north tower to be the tallest building in North York. We will keep you updated as this future landmark comes to completion. For more info now, check our dataBase page linked below, or join the discussion in one of the associated Forum threads.