Tom Ryaboi is well known in Toronto for his daring and beautiful images of the city, often taken from atop buildings that are currently under construction and inaccessible to the public. His photos have been a staple on UrbanToronto for a number of years, almost always making their way onto our Photo of the Day feature and consistently impressing us with their beautiful portrayal of our pulsing metropolis.

About a year ago Tom began working with time lapse photography, a medium that has recently captivated urban enthusiasts in its ability to condense hours of activity into a few seconds or minutes. After a year of working in this medium Tom has released City Rising, a four-minute long timelapse video that attempts to show the city through a new perspective. We'll let the video speak for itself:

Known as tomms on the UrbanToronto forum, Tom has been a longstanding contributor and member of the UrbanToronto community, and we've been thrilled to watch his work evolve over the years. An archive of his images, dating back to 2009, can be found in the Back to Toronto thread in the Urban Toronto forums here