The projects initiated by Waterfront Toronto are of enormous civic value. Learning from the errors that led to a largely lacklustre central waterfront, the tripartite organization is working to undue the planning errors of the past while developing the large tracts of derelict lands that remain to the east of downtown. With a projected duration of 25 years, the revitalization of the 800 hectares of land that fall under the purview of the organization is the largest urban redevelopment project in North America. To mark the accomplishments of the past year, Waterfront Toronto has produced a short video that documents some of the milestones in this ongoing transformation of our water's edge. Take a look at the video below! [Watch for the UrbanToronto spotlights!]

To learn more about the projects mentioned in the video, a link to our dataBase entries has been provided below.

Underpass Park, Toronto. Built by Waterfront TorontoUnderpass Park, built by Waterfront Toronto