A view of city building at work. Falling victim to demolition and economic reconfiguration, the lands to the east of the financial district languished during the burst of mid-century construction, immune to the radical transformations occurring on its periphery. Having been spared the excesses of the flawed post-war model of planning, the chance to apply the lessons learned from the errors of modernism gave birth to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. As the city's most successful attempt at urban renewal, it brought to life a derelict area and provided a template for future growth. Joined in the last 10 years by the transformation of the Distillery District and soon to be accompanied by the projects of the West Don Lands, these three districts show what the successful construction of city looks like.

A view of the West Don Lands, Toronto.A view of the West Don Lands from Market Wharf Condos, image by Forum member rdaner

To learn more about development in the West Don Lands, take a look at our dataBase listings below for information on recent projects.