UrbanToronto Forum member tomms continues to find unique views of the city and captures them with brilliant clarity. Today's Photo of the Day is a stunning shot of the downtown core from the helicopter pad atop St. Michael's Hospital, located just east of Yonge and Queen.

Downtown core of Toronto from St. Michael's Hospital.Downtown core from St. Michael's Hospital, image by tomms.

The view is looking southwest, focusing on the cluser of highrise towers around Bay and King. The pinnacle of Talon International's Trump International Hotel and Tower can be seen poking above the Bay-Adelaide Centre, and Westbank's Living Shangri-La is a sliver running along the righthand side of Cadllac Fairview's 20 Queen Street West. While most of us hope to never have to see the skyline from this exact location, it's nonetheless a brilliant shot of our growing core.