Captured by Forum member Mike in TO, this photo shows the burgeoning King West strip. Given its central location, easy access to rapid transit, abundance of cultural amenities and vibrant retail character, the neighbourhood is an ideal location for development. Aside from the inherent benefit of intensification in an area that can successfully carry the additional density is the contribution that many developers have made by building projects that place design excellence at the forefront. Not only is the city richer for it, but it demonstrates that advancing architectural integrity is a profitable pursuit. Some of the major projects visible in the photo below include Festival Tower, Hudson, M5V, Charlie, Cinema Tower and Pinnacle on Adelaide. Although just out of view, Theatre Park is also set to rise and join this cluster of towers.

Condo development along King Street West in TorontoLooking west along King Street, image courtesy of Forum member Mike TO

What do you think of the neighbourhood? Do you have a favourite project? Be sure to check out our dataBase listings below for more information on the developments in this dynamic part of the city.