Since it debuted on May 12th with about 20 entries, UrbanToronto's dataBase has been adding projects like rabbits make more rabbits: pretty vigorously! The Minto Group's project currently under construction on King at Tecuseth Street, Minto775 King West, makes the 150th entry in the dataBase. The dataBase, if you have not been by yet, is like an FAQ page for each project, from condos to new subway stations to office towers to parks: all the pertinent info is there at a glance, and we go particularly deep into the imagery created to explain a project. Pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say, so our dataBase entries are often worth quite a good read.

The Minto775 page includes links to the official website, details on the team creating the buidling, and images which include the following, from which we know that late next year the complex, designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects with Young + Wright / IBI Group Architects, will look like this:

Minto775 King West condos TorontoMinto775 King West

Currently however, the site is still heading back to the surface, the excavation having been completed. UrbanToronto member Drum118 was recently by the site with his camera, and caught these views of the parking garage levels under construction:

Construction at Minto775 King West condos TorontoConstruction at Minto775 King West

Construction at Minto775 King West condos TorontoConstruction at Minto775 King West

You can find several more current shots of the Minto775 site in UrbanToronto's Projects & Construction Forum thread for the project. It is linked at the bottom of the article.

In our dataBase entry for Minto775 you will find 23 images coming from 10 original renderings. As always, we dig to find all of the interesting detail that is lost in reduced versions of the renderings that the artists - in this case, the people at Designstor - have spent such time on. One of the most interesting areas at Minto775 is its courtyard, designed by Ferris and Asscoiates landscape architects, accessed via a walkway under the building from King Street. The image below shows the courtyard with seating areas, water feature, outdoor fireplace, and even a movie screen.

Courtyard at Minto775 King West condos TorontoCourtyard at Minto775 King West

In our dataBase you'll get a better look at all of these things and much more, including gorgeous shots of a two-floor penthouse unit. Bonus points for fuguring out which movie is playing above!