Cladding for the L Tower condos is now up at the construction site as seen in this photo by UrbanToronto forum member androiduk

L Tower Condos By Cityzen, Fernbrook Homes and Castlepoint Realty PartnersImage by androiduk

These are two test panels for the future 58 storey condo. As a spokesperson for the project states: 

We are still assessing the various components that make up the curtain wall system. Nothing has been finalized.

Well since it is a work in progress here's your chance to let the developers know exactly what you think about the two versions shown here. Which one do you prefer and why? The L Tower folks, developers CityzenCastlepoint Realty Partners and Fernbrook Homes follow UrbanToronto so your opinion might just make a difference. We'll make our opinion known in a few days.