Solaris, and Solaris 2 by Tridel, now dominate the skyline of Kennedy Road and the 401 in Scarborough. In this photo by UrbanToronto member Solaris, the two 40 storey towers designed by Graziani + Corazza now tower over the Delta Hotel that used to look like a skyscraper in its suburban location.

Solaris and Solaris 2 by Tridel and Graziani + CorazzaSolaris and Solaris 2 by Tridel and Graziani + Corazza

The two Solaris towers will soon be joined two 30 storey towers called Ventus, along with stacked townhouses at the base. Eventually the whole 17 acre community, known as Metrogate, will feature another two 35 storey residential towers, a 23 storey office tower, and a central park.