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    From transit-toronto:

    The Toronto Union Station Experience
    Explore Union Station as you've never seen it before!

    The Toronto Railway Historical Association, in cooperation with the
    Toronto Terminals Railway, is now conducting guided tours of Union
    Station on the last Saturday of every month throughout the year.

    Built between 1914 and 1930, the magnificent Union Station with its
    spectacular Great Hall is one of Toronto's most cherished buildings.
    Union Station is the largest railway terminal ever built in Canada
    and was designated a National Historic Site in 1975. Union Station is
    also Canada's busiest transportation facility, handling more
    passengers than Pearson Airport. On weekdays, 180 GO trains and
    125,000 commuters pass through the station as well as 40 VIA Rail
    trains and 5,000 intercity passengers, over 50% of all VIA riders.

    Hundreds of television shows, commercials and Hollywood movies have
    been filmed in Union Station including the Oscar-winning "Chicago,"
    the Jack Nicholson film "The Last Detail" and "Silver Streak," the
    hit 1976 comedy/thriller featuring a runaway train and a spectacular
    train wreck.

    There's a lot more to Union Station than meets the eye. There's
    approximately a million square feet of space, most of it hidden from
    public view. The Union Station Experience will take you behind the
    scenes, into areas of the station that are normally off-limits to the
    general public. You will experience the fascinating history of
    Canada's greatest railway terminal and gain a new appreciation of the
    most complex passenger train operation in the country.

    The Toronto Railway Historical Association is a registered charity
    dedicated to the preservation of Toronto's railway heritage,
    including the development of a railway museum at the John Street
    Roundhouse adjacent to the Rogers Centre. Since 2001, the TRHA has
    hosted the popular Doors Open event at both the Roundhouse and Union

    The Toronto Terminals Railway was incorporated in 1906 to build Union
    Station and the waterfront railway viaduct. The TTR has managed the
    station since it opened to the public in 1927 and continues to do so
    on behalf of the current owners, the City of Toronto and GO Transit.

    The Union Station Experience begins at 11 a.m. sharp on the last
    Saturday of every month and lasts approximately two hours. A nominal
    $5 fee will be charged for each visitor. To make a reservation, call
    Union Station Travellers' Aid at 416-366-7788 on Monday-Friday
    between 10 AM and 2 PM

    Or email: uniontours@... [Sorry, Yahoo groups chops off e-mail addresses]

    Derek Boles
    Who researched, wrote and will be conducting these tours. And I do
    deal with Toronto transit on the tour.

  2. The email address is uniontours@trha.ca

    I'm game. Anyone else thinking about taking the March 25th tour?

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    Only if it's not the same tour that's given at Doors Open. I've already had a walk inside the big arched window and the catwalk around the Great Hall.
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    I just sent an email to reserve a spot. I look forward to it, not having done it during Doors Open.

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