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Thread: Boycott Dove

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    I'm someone who has already spent the standard number of years doing post-secondary education and is about to do years more of it, but I don't understand why do people get outraged when someone makes more money than some other people who have a higher education? Where is this universal guarantee that if you go to college/university, you must make more than people in manufacturing? Is this a universal law written somewhere that I don't know of?

    If you want to go to university and get a job, that's your choice. I've made that choice, and I see no need to bitch about what someone in manufacturing, blue-collar work makes.

    I understand the frustration at people who seem very greedy and want to make even more money when they already seem extremely well-paid in a rather menial job, but please do NOT bitch about who has education and who doesn't... that's a separate issue. Yes, greed is frustrating. But so are unrelated arguments that make it sound as if going to university should be a guarantee of more pay. Why? Because you chose to do a Masters? Because you spent four years doing an (easy and very common) arts program?

    It comes across as very class-ist and whiny to complain. Would you like to take their factory job? No? Then be quiet! These are two different spheres of work, and again, the education argument is irrelevant. Not everyone should have to go to university or college, and if you did, that's your choice.

    Good day!
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