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Shoring Work Proceeding for Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts
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Thread: Bloor-Yorkville Scene

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    Nespresso coffee is okay but quite expensive!! I would rather spend that money on 100% Kona Blend coffee and brew my own. My office uses Keurig which has lots of variety to choose from and keeps everyone happy.

    Next month work will begin to convert the iconic movie theatre into a Nespresso, a Nestle-owned chain of boutiques that sell high-end espresso makers and gourmet coffee.

    According to Jordan Karp, the real estate agent who brokered the deal, the transformation of quaint but aging movie theatre to anchor store for an expensive coffee retailer will take 12 to 14 months.

    He says renovations will remove the top two floors of the building, and reduce floor space from 50,000 square feet to about 25,000, while replacing the Cumberland’s concrete façade with a 45-foot tall glass storefront.

    “We’re opening it up and making it into a really spectacular flagship retail space,” Karp says. “It took quite a bit of time to figure out how you could take this single-purpose theatre (and convert it) to a retail building.”

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    Well I still thinks it odd (but what do I know) I am glad its not going to sit vacant - I just hope they include a cafe as part of the store (ideally with a patio); I think help add some life to the street

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    It will have a cafe section and a boutique section. As to the patio outside, it depends if they're allowed. In Montreal they have a beautiful one.

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    Not specific to Yorkville as such, but Betsey Johnson is going out of business and closing 54 stores, Toronto and all other Canadian locations included.


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    The Oxley on Yorkville is now open.

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    Has been for a couple of weeks.

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    Does it look cool??

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    looks, and is, cool.

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    Piquadro has closed on Bay St. I've seen pop-up stores stick around longer. That location never made a lot of sense to me.
    Unless they're moving but there was no indication that was happening.

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    Piquadro, furla, ilori?, all closing!!!!!! Y? Y? Y?????? They're simply not surviving.

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    The old Mac spot has been vacant for quite some time too. I thought it was supposed to be Links going in there. No updates though...

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    I'm also worried about Sermonetta and Fogal. I never see anyone in there!

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    Well let's face it...these are unknown brands to north Americans. We need more mainstream high end stores. I had never heard of both sermonetta nor fogal and I'm a pretty fashionable guy.

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    Maybe its a sign of the economy - problems in Europe; US still not doing that well?

    I agree that we need more name brands. Sermonetta gloves look absolutely lovely in the window (thought actually haven't been in the store). Not even sure what Fogal is selling. One of the problem seems to me with the Collonade is that both sites of Sermonetta and Fogal are awfully small - what do you do with them?

    I hope there will be some new retail opening. I hear about all the stores launching at Yorkdale and get very frustrated and puzzled that Bloor isn't getting the same traction.

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    You have to wonder, maybe all of this condo development does very little to increase the amount of shoppers interested in high end retail; The vast majority living in condos are still middle class and have middle class taste, yes there are some units that go for more but ...

    Maybe the high-class residents still desire single family homes in old areas of Toronto or suburban Toronto. Meaning as Yorkdale has gotten higher end, and even some 905 suburbs (and their shopping strips) yorkville it self struggles and will keep doing so. I say this will accelerate as the suburbs are building more areas where potentially higher end retail can occupy (the likes of downtown Markham and the like), there's some potential.

    Of course all these condos should help the rest of the retail segment downtown.

    Also Toronto likely gets very little in the way of high end tourism.
    If I had a penny for every time someone asked me why I was looking up…

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