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Discussion in 'Retail' started by Ontarian1976, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Ontarian1976

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    Perhaps there could be another dept. store. But I don't think another "full-line" dept. store would make sense, unless maybe it took over The Bay at Bloor St. Maybe one that just sells clothes, jewellery, and cosmetics, and not electronics, etc. It would be cool if another store took over that Bay store (does anyone know how big that store is, I don't think I've ever even been in it), and was able to put some windows looking outside, and improve it's exterior appearance.

  2. samsonyuen

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    ^yeah, another Holt Renfrewish department store would be goo (like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Nordstrom). One that's already in Canada seems most likely. Sears failed with theirs, and HBC's forte is definitely not (luxury) department stores. Perhaps a macked-out Zellers (renamed Club Z, for nostalgia) that sells diamond-embroidered pillowcases from the Cherokee line! Maybe Ogilvy will come down the 401/Aut. 20? Or even a Simons or Les Ailes de la Mode.
  3. Ed007Toronto

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    Didn't they go bankrupt last year?
  4. samsonyuen

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    Yes, their parent company, San Francisco Group (now Groupe Les Ailes de la Mode) did go bankrupt, and they sold off several of their chains (West Coast, San Francisco, etc.), but they kept Les Ailes and Bikini Village. Not very likely they will expand anytime soon. Their flagship moneypit on Ste-Catherine in Montréal (formerly Eaton) downsized from six floors and 225,000 to two floors 75,000 square feet!
  5. Ontarian1976

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    I don't really pay much attention to these things, but I did buy a gift at Holt Renfrew in Sherway Gardens once, and I remember the store looking quite small, and like they didn't carry electronics, furniture, etc. Is that right, and are all Holt Renfrew stores like that?

    I could see downtown Toronto maybe supporting something else like that, just carrying clothes, jewellery, and cosmetics, and being fairly high-end.
  6. samsonyuen

    samsonyuen Guest

    Holt Renfrew is purely fashion/cosmetic (I think they might have a small electronics/gadgets area in the Bloor St. flagship). The stores are smaller (especially the Sherway and Yorkdale ones) than a Sears and Bay because they sell less, but they sell it for more;) The electronics lines are often seen as not as profitable as the soft lines, since the margins are so low.
  7. tudararms

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    Well who really wants to buy a toaster or lawn mower at Holts? I'd bet that even in a standard department store a majority of the floor space is given over to fashion, shoes, cosmetics, perfume etc.
  8. pw20

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    Downtown Holt's is about 170,000 square feet; not sure about Yorkdale or Sherway.
  9. Ontarian1976

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    Bloor/Yorkville has some of the highest retail rents on the continent:

    Price per square footage in American dollars, 1st quarter 2005:

    New York, 5th Ave. (48-59): $750
    Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive: $300
    San Francisco, Union Square:$300
    Chicago, Michigan Ave.: $260
    Boston, Newbury St.: $150
    Toronto, Bloor St.: $135.74
    Vancouver, Robson St.: $125.24
    Montreal, St. Catherines W. $101.00
    Miami, South Beach (Collins Ave.-Lincoln Rd.) $90
    D.C., Conneticut Ave., Pennsylvania Ave., K St. $70
  10. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    Coke takes on Starbucks with Toronto store

    Coca-Cola North America is attempting to get a lucrative piece of the coffee drinker’s market by launching a new retail store in Toronto in what could be seen as a challenge to Starbucks Corp.

    With pop consumption declining in North America, the beverage giant is looking at ways to expand its offerings, and is on the verge of opening a large retail-oriented store in Toronto as part of a test market, real estate sources say. And the bottler seems to be going after the upscale Starbucks customer.

    According to one source, Coca-Cola will open a 4,000-square-foot retail space in Toronto’s tony Yorkville area for coffee-related products.

    This month, the company launches Coca-Cola Blak, a “sophisticated premium blend of Coca-Cola, natural flavours and coffee essence,†according to a company news release.

    Marketing support for the new brand was released last month during the red carpet pre-show broadcast at the 78th Annual Academy Awards, with 15-second spots presenting the drink as a glamorous new star.

    Coke is represented in Toronto by CB Richard Ellis, but the real estate company declined to comment on Monday. A Coca-Cola spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

    The Toronto store, meanwhile, is thought to be envisioned as the first retail outlet in what could be a chain of Starbucks-type competitors.

    “If you’re looking in an area like Yorkville, you’re obviously trying to make a statement,†John Crombie, national retail director for real estate company Cushman & Wakefield LePage, told the Toronto Star.

    Crombie said the typical coffee shop could range from 500 to 1,500 square feet. Rents in the area, which has some of the highest retail rents in Canada, could range from $60 up to $200 per square foot per annum, said Crombie.

    “If you’re planning an outlet of that size, you’re going to make a big splash,†he said.

    The new outlet could potentially sell Coke paraphernalia in addition to coffee-related products such as Coca-Cola Blak, said one source.

    Coke already has products in the markets for power drinks, bottled water and juice, but this time seems determined to break into the lucrative coffee-drinking market.

    –Canadian Press
  11. nassauone

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    Brought to you by the guy who invented Green Ketchup and Crystal Pepsi.
  12. Not to mention the ginourmous retail sucess that was 1985: New Coke!
  13. simply Dan

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    Hmm... perhaps Metropolis would be a better fit for Coca-Cola than Yorkville?
  14. "This month, the company launches Coca-Cola Blak, a “sophisticated premium blend of Coca-Cola, natural flavours and coffee essence,†according to a company news release."

    As Summer Roberts would say, Eww...
  15. adma

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    I'm waiting for "Mauby Coke"...

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