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Parade at Concord CityPlace
15 Iceboat Terrace, Toronto
Developer: Concord Adex
Website: www.cityplace.ca/parade/

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Thread: CityPlace: Parade (Concord Adex, 18 + 22 + 39 + 44s, KPF)

  1. Default CityPlace: Parade (Concord Adex, 18 + 22 + 39 + 44s, KPF)

    Governor ARNOLD

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    They seem to be running out of ideas for names.

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    I like the name myself. Better than Apex, Matrix, Neo, etc.

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    the luna site is very far along with excavations and soon the neo and montage towers will start rising .concord adex is moving quick on these lands.
    i remember when cityplace was first announced and thought that it was going to take forever(like 2015).man time flies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsonyuen View Post
    I like the name myself. Better than Apex, Matrix, Neo, etc.
    You forgot one name

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    the peanuts and elephant on the web site are supposed to suggest that the condos are cheap?

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    Maybe just that they're large, grey, and unweildy.

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    ...and nutty.

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    Smile Parade...what a good band that was:)

    maybe it's a reference to this building facing the new park and the parade of cars driving by on the gardiner? Or the clowns that actually think they have a shot at living here before all the investors buy out the good suites?

    Whatever. Let's hope the building looks decent. After all: cityplace is seen by millions weekly: the most watched address in all of canada? (Dreams of giant bill boards covering up those bland towers in the concrete park....)

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    According to CondoGuide Parade will be 6 structures designed by Kohn, Pedderson, Fox (KFP). It looks to be the final phase west of Spadina (at least for condos). Maybe we can expect Signature to be released within a year?

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    I would expect that those 6 structures include several low-rise buildings. The figure of '20 towers' for Cityplace only works if it is limited to 16 floors and up:

    49 HVE 2
    40 HVE 1
    36 HVE 3 South
    36 Apex 2
    34 Optima
    32 Matrix 1
    28 Matrix 2
    28 Apex 1
    26 HVE 3 North

    49 West One (2007)
    47 Montage (2009)
    41 N2 (2007)
    38 Luna Vista (2009)
    18 Luna (2009)
    16 Neo (2009)

    62 Signature Tower (2012)
    36 Block 29 Tower 1 (2011)
    36 Block 26W Tower 1 (2010)
    18 Block 29 Tower 2 (2011)
    18 Block 26W Tower 2 (2010)

    From this list, it looks to me like 'Parade' consists of the buildings on the 26W block, to be completed a year after the Montage + Neo (early 2009?) and Luna + Luna Vista (late 2009?) blocks.

    The Block 29 towers would follow (I assume sales will start late this year or early next year), and finally, the Signature Tower would go into sales sometime soon after.


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    Parade includes the 26W and 29 Block towers listed above plus 2 midrise structures. KPF is a great way to complete the Cityplace West lands - should hopefully be some quality architecture.

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    is "Panorama" supposed to be the signature tower?

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    ^ no, Panorama is a shorter tower on a recently purchased plot of land south of the Gardiner epressway. The 'signature' tower is to be the final phase, on the site of the current sales pavilion.

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    A View of Cityplace progress (windows were a bit dirty, so the shots may be a bit distorted)

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