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Park 570 Condos
570 Lolita Gardens, Mississauga
Developer: VANDYK Group of Companies

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Thread: Park 570 (VanDyk) - Real Estate -

  1. Default Park 570 (VanDyk) - Real Estate -

    Couple pictures from this week:

    The $169,900 has been changed to $179,900, but in reality the cheapest suite is $182,990 (1 bedroom, 574sq feet, 2nd floor, beside elevators).

    All suites come with one parking, one locker, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer, laminate flooring, granite counter and one year of free Rogers VIP internet/TV. They said these are the preview bonuses, so we'll see if they disappear July 17th.
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    As of today. Looks like everyone is avoiding the south side (train tracks/Dundas Street) and the $2000 premium for the 1st floor.

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    Let's hope one year from tonight,

    we'll all be sleeping in our new homes.

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    You must be on a lower floor?

    My occupany is not until 2013.

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    I'm on the top floor and I'm December 2012

  6. Default

    Me too, mine is listed on the Tarion warranty as Feb. 2013.

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    We all have different dates. Im on the third floor, but it I am assuming expected occupancy is november 12, 2012 cuz that's the date i've seen on the documents.

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    My wife and I also bought a unit on the third floor, expected occupancy is Nov 2012. Does anyone know who the property managers will be?

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    Has anyone done color selections yet I'm on the top floor ,no call yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spudly1 View Post
    Has anyone done color selections yet I'm on the top floor ,no call yet!
    No appointments or contact from Vandyk yet.

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    I purchased on the 2nd floor, paper works says october 13, 2012...weird that everyone is different. Some people moving in earlier other later...I see the construction being a huge distraction

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    I'm in 401 and my closing is feb 13 2013 so that sounds about rite.

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    Hope the demographic of this Condo is mostly young professionals

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    By the looks of it, the 6-8 people I know moving in aswell are all in our mid-twenties!

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    Does anyone who has 201 or 301 notice that because of being next to the elevators our balcony is bigger the full length of on elevator? I'm in 401 and noticed at the sales office that what sold me on this unit.

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