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Edition Richmond
856 Richmond St W, Toronto
Developer: Curated Properties

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Thread: Edition Richmond (Curated Properties) - Real Estate -

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    anyone have any idea what the pricing of this project might be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by just1time View Post
    anyone have any idea what the rice of this project might be?
    If by rice, you mean price, pricing isn't public yet. However, judging from what similar projects nearby are going for, there's no way the 3 bed units going for less than $900K. Some comparables, just to give you an idea:


    http://liveatblock.com/ --> sold out, prices were around $1M to $1.7M


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    I don't think the 3brms will start at 900K. this project is smaller size homes than block or trinity... the units are 1000-2000 sq ft.

    with Block the smallest 3brm (almost 2700 sq feet) started at $999K and that included a backyard and a much larger lot. and the trinity homes you posted are resale pricing, the presale price for those units were at least 100K less, I think they started in the low 800's.

    So I'm going to guess with inflation edition richmind will start high 7's-low 8's for the 2brm homes and high 8's for the smaller 3brm ones. but I could be overly optimistic since I have a friend hoping to buy in the project.

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    my friend is already registered. We bought our family home in Block, similar project a bit north. But I live around the corner now from this development and it looks exciting. the neighbourhood definitely needs some newer homes

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    Hearing units will start at 600K and go from there. Really like the look, location and size of these units. Will definitely be a quick seller in my mind.

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    does anyone know if these are stacked or if they're all ground level entrance up to roof patios

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    It will be a combination of stacked loft units and townhouses with walk-ups.
    The entrance to the stacked units is under the large arch in the middle of the building, as seen in the rendering.
    This is a beautiful building in a great area on a quiet street.

    This kind of development is a dime in a dozen and should sell extremely well, just like Block townhouses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 400WellingtonGuy View Post
    I was in the showroom and model suite yesterday. Fantastic infill and the interiors are fabulous. I recommend anyone into interior design should check this out. The master bathroom ensuite is killer. This project will sell out as the finishes are far superior for a $600psf project. Makes the condo developers look cheap. Great work by developer, designer, architect and real estate firms.
    what is the showroom location and hours? any pics?

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    The showroom is open on Saturdays and Sunday only from 9-5, if I'm not mistaken, but it might make sense to make an appointment.

    This development is now 70% sold out... it offers amazing value, in my opinion, for the high-end finishing, locations, and small size (20 units only) of the development.

    I'm amazed this thing hasn't been snatched up - I don't think I have seen anything even close to a development like this in this price range east of Ossington and west of the DVP.

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    It is a great building in a great location.
    Most of the sky loft units have been sold which are the nicer floorplans with a better price point, IMO.
    The bulk of the remaining units are the townhouses which are the largest and I think the least successfully-designed units in the building. They are around 2000-2100+ sq.ft. and are long and narrow floorplans that face the neighbours to the east and west with windows only on one end -- a lightwell serves the opposite end. Price per sq.ft. is good, however with 2,000+ sq.ft. you're looking at a starting price of just over $1million which obviously are the slowest to sell in this development.

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