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Thread: Ontario election predictions, anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doady View Post
    I voted Liberal for the first time ever. I usually vote NDP but I don't like Horwath and her promises, especially the ones to freeze prices at gas stations and electricity prices and remove HST on gas, which imo are just crazy and not really benefit the poor.
    It was a populist plank, not a progressive one. In the name of defending "working families", they're actually giving a big tax breaks to affluent households who have the biggest homes to heat, etc. And it deprives the government of about $1 billion in revenue.

    If they wanted to benefit "working families" or the working poor, etc....I don't see how saving the rich households on their energy bills does much for them. Better to keep it in place, but have more generous tax credits for the most needy in place.
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