The GTA is going to grow - the population is going to grow by millions over the next few decades and as Mississauga is built out, this is the next key area for development in the west end. Growth is necessary - Mississauga has finally conceded that up is their only growth opiton - just like Toronto - but up won't work in these outlying areas yet so the regional centre is important.

Interesting note-

In the year 1 - the population of the world was about 200 million

In 1965 the population of the world was 3.5 billion.

This year the population hit 7 billion.

We grew by roughly 3.5 billion in about 2,000 years and the next 3.5 billion came in less than 50 years.

Projections show there will likely be at least another 2 billion people on this planet by 2030 and based on our history, a lot of those people will be coming here.

I hope we're ready.