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U of T: Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport
100 Devonshire Pl, Toronto
Developer: University of Toronto

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Thread: U of T: Goldring Centre for High Performance Atheletics (?, 6s, MJMA/Patkau)

  1. Default U of T: Centre for High Performance Sport

    sorry if there is a thread already on this, but I wasn't able to find it. does anybody know anything about this or what it will look like?


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    It's going on the parking lot on Devonshire across from the stadium...I don't think renderings have been released yet.


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    I dunno, that name makes me think of one of those hawkers of steroids on Yonge or something...

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    So this would be the performance enhancing drug lab?

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    Maybe Frank D'Angelo should purchase the naming rights. Could call it the Cheetah Centre for High Performance Sport.

    "I Cheetah all the time!"

  6. Default U of T: Goldring Centre for High Performance Atheletics (?, 6s, MJMA/Patkau)

    I thought there was a thread for this already but I can't seem to find it. In any case, the winners of the winners of the U of T Goldring Centre for High Performance Athletics are Toronto's own MJMA in conjunction with Patkau Architects of Vancouver. Blackwell Bowick Partnership Limited are handling the structural design. It's a very exciting project with a complex program: an NCAA basketball arena sits below grade with an athletics facility, gym and classroom space piled on top.

    From the MJMA Website:

    The Goldring Centre for High Performance Sports, part of the Varsity Centre athletic facilities campus, will bring together top researchers, graduate students, sport scientists, athletic therapists, coaches, and athletes to create Canada’s newest leading Sport Institute. The $38.5 million sports complex will house research and teaching labs, a strength and conditioning centre, a state-of-the-art sport medicine clinic and a 2000-seat basketball and volleyball field house. The Goldring Centre will also host futsal and other court related sports as part of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.

    Patkau Architects and MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects, in joint venture, were selected as the winner of the international design competition. Design development and programming will commence this summer, with anticipated project completion by 2013.
    I have some gorgeous, high-res renders but I'm not allowed to post them yet so you will have to make due with these:

    Here is the old project website.

    MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects


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    'bout friggin' time ;-) Thank you PanAms......
    I'm off to my aA meeting but they haven't helped much so far (recovery seems out of reach when you are boxed in).

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    Agreed, thanks PanAm.

    It looks like a great design (let us hope for no cheapening). The daytime exterior shot though, would be far less impressive than what has been provided above.

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    Very nice PE but where exactly is this going to go. From the renders it looks like the west side of Varsity Stadium but there's no way there's enough room unless they plan on closing Devonshire.

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    No closure necessary. This will slot into the parking lot south of the Munk Center (which is also being revamped, with a new glass structure protruding from its rear), and north of the Tennis Courts - a very tight site indeed.

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    ^^ I guess by 'Munk Centre' you mean the new global studies facility where Admission & Awards used to be rather than the existing Munk Centre south of Varsity Stadium at Devonshire/Hoskin. Hmm...The render is very misleading. There's no way the actual building will be as large as shown based on the space available in that area.
    Last edited by condovo; 2010-Jun-08 at 00:24.

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    Why wouldn't they get rid of the tennis courts and put them in the facility?

    Last edited by Parkdalian; 2010-Jun-08 at 00:15.

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    It is a squeeze, but I can see it working.

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    Soooo... is Devonshire going to be Pedestrianized? It could make a great public space.

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    ...and that's essentially the question that the render above raises: it certainly looks like it in that image.

    Based on just that image however, I would not put any stock into a pedestrianization of Devonshire. Images like this are created all the time to stress certain points the developer wants to make - in this case the intimate connection of Varsity Stadium to this new centre - while ignoring certain realities that would dilute the message - like the street that happens to run between the two.


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