Critics and residents alike are puzzled by Doug Ford's move to add small Ontario town to Greenbelt as a replacement for 7,400 acres slated for development; Bill 23 is passed by the Government of Ontario despite bids from industry and authorities to reconsider the plans; CMCH reports that housing crisis is an issue that must be addressed by the government and the private sector together; and other news. 

Doug Ford’s plan to suddenly add this small town into the Greenbelt puzzles critics and residents (Toronto Star)

Ontario passes housing bill amid criticism from cities, conservation authorities (CBC)

Government can’t solve housing issues alone, private sector must be involved, CMHC report says (Globe and Mail)

Toronto is urged to throw out plans for Ontario Place private spa complex (Toronto Star)

Leaking pipe sent 337 million litres of sewage into Hamilton harbour over 26 years (City News)

Housing market ‘balance’ could return in 2023, but interest rates the ‘wildcard’: Re/Max (Global News)

Ford government defends Ontario Greenbelt land swap that benefits PC donors (Toronto Star)

Real estate investors push for improved ESG measures in commercial property (Globe and Mail)

Union Station opens outdoor ice rink for holiday season (CTV News)

Time to demolish 24 Sussex Drive and build the prime minister a new residence (Toronto Star)

Top federal government official casts doubt on Ontario’s Ring of Fire mining development (Globe and Mail)

CP Holiday Train is coming to Toronto this week (CTV News)

Toronto marketplace showcases Indigenous artisans from across Canada (City News)

As rents soar, more Toronto landlords are moving to evict renters for their own use (Toronto Star)