September was an important month for UrbanToronto as we launched an exciting new partnership that will continue to guide our mission of adapting to become a stronger, and more extensive provider of data in the field of development. Reaping the benefits of a longstanding professional relationship, UrbanToronto is the newest sponsor of the Canadian Real Estate Show

Looking north at Toronto Skyline from Toronto Island Ferry, image by UT Forum contributor Riseth

In the midst of their third successful year of weekly podcasting, the Canadian Real Estate Show has become a go-to source for analysis on Canadian real estate issues through honest, casual discussions with experts in the industry. The show’s hosts, Darryl Frankfort and T.K. Butler, bring a light hearted tone to each episode, but the show is built on a deep foundation of experience in different corners of the industry with a strong desire to learn more, and share their findings on the way.  

Frankfort has orbited the business of real estate for 24 years. Managing construction crews and finishing crews, custom home building and marketing, and, more recently, real estate development are just a few of the ways he has learned the ins and outs. His partner, Butler, is a second generation realtor who works throughout the GTA as a Senior Partner at Frank & Leo Associates. Together, the hosts take on questions, concerns, and even conspiracy theories that surround the Canadian real estate scene, always maintaining their easy-going style that makes these topics digestible to everyone.   

Both Frankfort and Butler have been users of UrbanToronto resources throughout their careers. “Their forums and their reports are the highest level of education I can have to help my clients navigate the market and development landscape of the city,” Butler explained. In this way, they see the partnership as a way to connect like-minded people with a resource they may not have known was out there. By drawing attention to the depth of information available through UrbanToronto’s subscription service, UTPro, more Canadians will be able to access the information that they need quickly. 

For UrbanToronto, the partnership reflects the drive to continue expanding further into new markets and deliver services through UTPro that are both exclusive and effective in the field of urban development. Reflecting on the partnership, UrbanToronto Co-Founder Edward Skira said, "We're approaching our 20th anniversary and as an organization we are expanding our reach. UTPro has provided us with a lot of data on development within the GTHA. Partnering with the Canadian Real Estate show is a natural step forward." 

Stay tuned to the Canadian Real Estate Show to see monthly guest appearances with UrbanToronto Economist Ash Navabi, and to learn more about this new and exciting partnership.