Following up our coverage earlier this week of the 8 Elm development from Reserve Properties and Capital Developments, a fresh selection of recently released renderings from the project’s VIP launch shed new light on the highly-touted amenity spaces. As detailed in previous coverage, the 69-storey development is accented by a roster of interesting features like multi-level retail, programmable community space, and adaptive reuse of built heritage; but the defining quality, arguably, is the building’s 26,000 ft² of amenity space. 

Worm's-eye-view of the tower portion of 8 Elm, image courtesy of Reserve Properties

Articulating the vision of interior design firm Cecconi Simone, the amenity spaces are a central player in the development’s ability to deliver a building that replicates the experience of a 5-star hotel, and these new renderings provide the first look. At a glance, there is a lot of luxury to unpack, so today we are taking a closer look to provide a detailed account of what is at play in these unique interiors. 

In the podium, the new renderings build a more complete image of how 8 Elm intends to program the extensive amenity level found on the fourth floor. With access to a 431m² wrap around terrace built onto the roofs of the existing buildings, the indoor spaces turn up the dial further, offering another 488m² of hotel-style amenities. 

The fireplace lounge provides a grand dining room space for hosting intimate meals, while the social lounge enables more casual interactions among residents; both spaces receive the same design treatment, featuring dark blue walls with accents of bronze and marble slabs adding the signature level of luxury that is consistent throughout the building. 

View of the fireplace lounge dining room located on the fourth floor amenity level, image courtesy of Reserve Properties

The amenity level also lends itself to the demands of professional life, with a co-working space that borrows stylistically from the other recreational spaces while using a colour scheme better suited for the daylight hours. Pale blue walls bring out the natural light, and a pantry and kitchen allow users to get comfortable in the space throughout the work day. 

View of the co-work space, located on the fourth floor amenity level, image courtesy of Reserve Properties

Heading up, way up, the new renderings provide two informative views of the Sky Lounge, a bar and social room that the development team has described as the tower’s crowning feature. Found on the 56th floor, the Sky Lounge combines an assemblage of textures and colours curated to provide an exclusive and moody atmosphere. Dark blue curtains conceal the walls while upholstery of the same colour wraps the furniture, wood grain mingles with backlit stone panels at the bar, and a textured gold-bronze ceiling hovers above it all. 

Interior view of the Sky Lounge, located on the 56th floor, image courtesy of Reserve Properties

The next image shows the other half of the Sky Lounge that takes the experience outdoors to a private terrace. More upholstered seating wraps around the patio, lined with planters that sprout ornamental grass, while the perch amidst the city brings residents close to the lights of the nighttime skyline.

View of the Sky Lounge terrace facing northwest, image courtesy of Reserve Properties

Beyond providing a first glimpse of the amenity spaces, the new renderings also shed light on some of the different suite layouts and finishings which we will cover in depth next month. In the meantime, you can learn more from our Database file for the project, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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