MDF is a man-made material found in home furniture. It is made using wood fibres that are collected from hardwoods, and softwoods that have been broken down. When it comes to skirting boards, everybody would love to remove the old ones and get new ones, but selecting a design for your skirting can be challenging due to the many options found on the internet. Choosing the right skirting board is important when it comes to a partial renovation plan of your house or room. A good skirting board should preserve the heat of the room. Here is why MDF skirting boards are a great choice.

MDF skirting, image courtesy of MDF Skirting World
Why use MDF Instead of Softwoods, such as pine, or hardwoods like oak?

Most customers would ask experts for the best material they can use for their skirting and architrave. It turns out that MDF is the best option for the following reasons:  

  • MDF is economical compared to other common materials that make skirting boards.  
  • MDF lasts longer and makes the final paint finish smooth. It doesn’t have grain and faultiness like knots and holes frequently found in materials such as Pine.
  • MDF doesn’t swell or contract like timber. 
  • MDF has 100% softwood fibres that maintain the density of the material. If MDF has both hardwood and softwood, it will lead to irregularities within the board.
  • The best MDF is moisture-resistant, thus making it appropriate for many areas within your home. This means you won’t have issues with damp areas like the bathroom. 
  • When it comes to water resistance, some boards are better than others. If you’re using MDF boards in high moisture areas, such as the bathroom, get MDF boards specially manufactured to be extremely water-resistant.
  • MDF is available in larger sizes compared to solid wood. For projects that demand large pieces of wood without joints, MDF Skirting World recommends the use of MDF as a better option.  
  • Cabinet doors are available in several styles, including flat panelled doors, and shaker-style cabinet doors. This helps when it comes to the customization of MDF boards.  You can cut MDF board and drill it in numerous diverse ways minus any damage
  • MDF has bigger sizes than solid wood. In the case of any project needing a large piece of wood, use MDF.  

If you use a low-quality MDF, then it’ll have a furry texture, as well as blunt cutters. However, MDF that is dense produces minimal furriness. 

MDF can be used for aesthetic purposes

When it comes to aesthetic purposes, MDF is mostly used, for instance, in wainscoting. Wood is no longer the main wainscoting material since there are plenty of materials used like MDF Board. You can customize MDF wainscoting in numerous styles, then use it in the kitchen, living room, and even shelves. 

Both solid blocks of wood, as well as MDF, have pros and cons. But MDF is a better option due to its high-quality material. According to MDF Skirting World, when building and renovating your home, you should be able to know the difference between both materials.