The real estate market in Canada is as hot as ever, and since the onset of the pandemic, the home-buying process has become increasingly device-driven on both the realtor and buyer sides of the transaction. Yet, calls, texts, and emails become harder to track as they stack up, especially if they are not acted on right away. Having mobile-ready software to rein in the confusion, simplify the process, and help realtors doing multiple deals on a given project, allows developers to shape demand and optimize revenue.

As home-buying moves evermore online, so do its processes. The worksheet and allocation process is now moving quickly into the digital space, and realtors and developers are excited. Developers are using evolved worksheets to maximize allocations and revenue by analyzing demand for a project, while brokers and realtors are using worksheets to try to secure preferred units and prices for their clients.

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Until now, the main challenge for developers was simply tracking the information within worksheets. Developers relied on realtors to submit paper or excel worksheets to gauge interest in their project. The sheer number of realtors and worksheets received, meant a lot of information to be tracked. With lots of information flowing in, developers and their sales teams need a way to track it all and use it to make decisions regarding who to allocate which home to. Managing demand based on the results of their worksheets is what reduces the cost and risk in project sales, and allows developers to sell their projects successfully. 

Realtors want access to the housing inventory early — and as a result, the priority of developers and sales teams is making this available to them. The worksheet process is important to realtors because it helps to secure inventory for their buyers, to build trust and future business, the result being increased commissions. As of today, there are very few companies digitizing this process, so developers and realtors don’t know the benefit of having this process centralized and digitized via technology. Avesdo TMS software has the ability to digitally complete worksheets and manage the rest of the allocation process, which makes the whole ordeal significantly more organized and streamlined.

Avesdo's TMS software includes the ability to reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of worksheets, to offer unmatched control and visibility over demand before sales start.

Here is how:

  • By building customized distribution lists built from VIP realtors, Brokerages, and Realtor databases
  • By shaping demand early through realtor groups and their purchasers by offering a choice of their top three homes  
  • By controlling inventory distribution to target groups and seeing distribution status at a glance
  • By understanding unit-specific pricing thresholds and demand in real-time 
  • By making pricing changes when and where it is needed based on demand
  • By securely storing data and efficiently distributing, allocating, reserving and closing a home in one platform
  • By tracking inventory throughout its lifecycle, from lead through to close
  • By leveraging sales and pricing trends across a project

This is all offered through a three-stage worksheet process:

Stage One: Setup

Setting up the events/hierarchy of who is going to get a developer's inventory and what inventory is going to who (i.e. setting a realtor up for whichever events they are going to have), setting up the number of choices someone can make (whether a realtor can allow floor or unit choices - both options are available whether or not a realtor is taking payments for these).

Setup Phase - Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets

These are events such as friends and family events, VIP events, and public launches. 

Submission Page - Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets

Stage Two: Submission

Realtors that are invited to a worksheet event receive notice through an email automatically generated by the system. Within their realtor portal, they can see any worksheet events they have been invited to, and can create and manage their worksheets. Realtors submit their worksheets to developers which can be filled out using a computer or tablet from anywhere a realtor has internet access and once submitted, realtors can track the status of their worksheets as they progress on the Avesdo TMS through allocation and sale stages.

Stage Three: Management 

Developers and sales teams monitor worksheet submissions throughout the process. When a worksheet event deadline is reached, or when the development sales team wishes to, the submitted worksheets are ranked and sorted to provide a basis for an informed, efficient and optimized allocation process. Submitted worksheets can be visualized in different ways and can be viewed at any time in the sales grid. Allocation “requests” can be sent by an individual worksheet or in bulk, and the requests can specify deadlines and deposit payment terms (ex: credit card).

Management Phase - Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets

The Avesdo TMS users benefit from total visibility and flexibility. From start to finish, Avesdo provides developers with the process management they need to increase efficiency, reduce risks of error, manage a dynamic process in a hybrid environment, and make for an overall better experience for users on all sides. 

* * *

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