Each day the devastating impact of climate change is becoming more apparent, and the monumental task of slowing, stopping, and reversing these effects becomes harder to initiate. It has become clear that it will take a coordinated global effort between governments, regulators, private enterprises, and the general public to make a significant impact. It is no longer a question that we are facing a global crisis.

One of the most significant contributors of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within cities are buildings, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use high-rise towers. These buildings require substantial heating and cooling systems, contributing more than 70% of the total carbon footprint in urban centres. The energy required to support a building of 300, 400 or 600+ units significantly contributes to the overall carbon footprint.

The ability to build carbon-neutral and carbon-negative buildings is critical to our sustainable future. Today we have the technology and the infrastructure to develop these kinds of buildings. In fact, several innovative companies within Canada are forging the path towards sustainable cities and tackling this challenge head-on.

STS and their Energy-as-a-Service model powered by geothermal technology, image courtesy of Subterra Renewables

STS Renewables (STS) is one of these companies. Headquartered in Toronto, STS is a young Canadian start-up offsetting Canada’s carbon footprint one building at a time. STS provides cities, developers, builders, and engineers a green alternative to conventional heating and cooling creating a harmonious relationship between the building and the earth. This technology is being used around the globe in countries like Germany, Sweden, China, and Japan for this exact application to provide sustainable, low-carbon heating and cooling.

Developers are beginning to realize that their buildings are sitting on a renewable resource that is freely available to them. By adopting STS's Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model, they can lower the capital cost to build, reduce energy bills for their residents and provide sustainable housing for future generations. Branthaven Homes is one such developer partnered with STS Renewables to achieve the joint mission of building environmentally responsible and sustainable housing at their Upper West Side community in Oakville, Ontario.

STS and their Energy-as-a-Service model powered by geothermal technology is changing Canada's carbon footprint one building at a time, and what we are beginning to see is a construction revolution in the way we build our cities.

STS was named one of Canada's Top Growing Companies 2021: Meet the trendsetters: The 448 most daring businesses in the country - by The Globe and Mail.

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