The Gardiner Expressway is getting shorter. While some people would like to see even more of the elevated Toronto waterfront highway come down, the portion east of the Don Valley Parkway off ramps closed forever recently, and is now being taken down. Several UrbanToronto Forum contributors have shot images of the demolition over the last several days, and some of the most eye-catching ones are our Daily Photo.

UrbanToronto Forum contributor Thewardens_hauling_heavy works for PDI, a contractor working on the Gardiner East End takedown. His photos are from a later stage in the demolition than ones that we have chosen for the Daily Photo so far. Both photos comes from a September 7 post. In the first image, thermal lances are being used to cut through steel beams, each creating a shower of sparks, while a portable crane waits for the restrained beam to come free and be lowered to the ground.

In the second image, an excavator is fitted with a massive pincer, ready to clamp onto a beam. Sparks fly in the background here too.

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