The owner of a vacant site at 875 The Queensway in Etobicoke, Format Queensway Limited Partnership, intends to redevelop it with a mid-rise, mixed-use building, having submitted a Zoning By-law Amendment to the City of Toronto last month. KFA Architects and Planners are the designers of the building.

Rendering: Northwest view from The Queensway. Image by KFA Architects + Planners Inc.

The site is located on the south side of The Queensway, approximately 300 metres east of Islington Avenue.

Rendering: Aerial view showing the building in context. The site has 34.2m of frontage on the Queensway. Image by KFA Architects + Planners Inc.

The property is home to a former gas station and associated car wash. Numerous development applications have been submitted to the city for projects of varying size and scope along The Queensway, encouraging intensification along the Avenue. The proposed surrounding context includes a one-storey commercial building to the west, industrial uses to the south, and proposed developments of 8-storey and 14-storey mixed use buildings currently in the works, for the north and east, respectively.

View along the Queensway, looking east. Image by Googlemaps

The owner of the property is proposing to redevelop the property with a mixed-use development of 14-storeys, with 183 residential units plus commercial space at grade. The proposed development provides for the construction of 13,923 m² of gross floor area. The subject property has a total lot area of 2,108 m² (0.52 acres), which would represent a floor space index (FSI) of 6.61 times the area of the lot.

Ninth floor plan. This illustrates the T-shaped configuration, and terracing (step backs) on the North, along the Queensway. Image by KFA Architects + Planners Inc.

The proposed building has a slight ‘T-shaped’ configuration, with an 8-storey podium. The ground floor comprises 185 m² of commercial retail space fronting onto The Queensway, 366 m² of indoor amenity area, bike storage, and a small residential lobby.

The remaining floors are entirely comprised of residential suites. As illustrated in its cross-section below, the building establishes a 5-storey street wall along The Queensway, with set backs of 3 metres from the front lot line for floors 6-8, and an additional 2 metres at Floor 9. The remainder of the floors are setback an additional 3 metres from the floor below in order to fit within a 45-degree angular plane measured from 80% of the planned width of the Queensway. The 14th level, that of the Mechanical Penthouse, features 161 m² of outdoor amenity area.

North-South building section. Image by KFA Architects + Planners Inc.

The proposal contemplates cladding of brick and coloured metal paneling, with punched windows for the majority of the façade, and primarily glazing for the retail area and main residential lobby.

Vehicular circulation to the development is provided by a right-in/right-out access from the Queensway, located along the west portion of the subject property, which provides access to the loading area and ramp to the underground parking garage. The entrance to the underground parking garage is located at the rear of the property and a ramp provides access to the 3-level below grade garage which consists of 159 vehicular and 55 of bicycle parking spaces.

South-East view of the proposed development. Image by KFA Architects + Planners Inc.

Additional information and images can be found in our database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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