Tridel is introducing a major shot of residential density to the blocks north of Islington subway station in the Toronto borough of Etobicoke, at their three-tower Islington Terrace development. The Kirkor Architects-designed condominium complex kicked off construction with its first phase in mid-2016, and over four years later, one tower has completed construction, one is now wrapping up, and a third and final tower is quickly rising above Mabelle Avenue. 

Looking northwest across Islington Avenue to Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

The project's towers of 35, 45, and 44 storeys now all contribute to a growing neighbourhood skyline. The tallest tower, at the centre of the block, wrapped up construction in early 2020 and is now home to the first of the complex's residents. To its west, the 35-storey second phase tower, known as Bloorvista, kicked off its underground forming phase in November, 2017, and topped out at a height of 114 metres, or 373 feet, roughly one year ago.

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In the time since topping out, exterior details have been enclosing the building in a style complementary to its taller 45-storey sibling. At the time of our last update in February, a mix of precast framing and window wall cladding had been installed to just a few levels shy of the building's peak. Now, several months later, the tower finishes are complete and work is progressing on final touches including landscaping.

Looking south across Mabelle Avenue to Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

To the east of the central tower, the complex's third phase—known as Bloor Promenade—was just gearing up for its 44-storey ascent at the time of our early 2020 update. In the months since, the tower has made significant vertical progress. Now rising approximately 15 storeys, the tower's ascent will continue for several more months before topping out at a height of 135 metres, or 443 feet. With the tower rising above, the first exterior finishes have begun to appear on Bloor Promenade's extension of the podium that connects all three towers. Finishes on the third tower will match the existing pair.

Looking southwest across Mabelle Avenue to Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

Additional information and images can be found in our Database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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