As The Arbour makes its way through Toronto's Site Plan Approval process, refinements have been made to the wood-framed, Net Zero Carbon Emission project following feedback from City staff. Moriyama & Teshima and British Columbia-based Acton Ostry Architects won an international design competition in 2018 for the George Brown College development, which will be located at 185 Queens Quay East, just north of the school's Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences.

Looking west along Queens Quay from Sherbourne Common, image via submission to the City of Toronto

The updated materials represent the second resubmission for Site Plan Approval. It is expected to be the final full resubmission prior to the issuance of Notice of Approval Conditions, the first stage of the two-stage Site Plan Approval process.

The 52.42-metre height of the 10-storey building remains the same. Additional expanses of glazing are now contemplated, interrupting the vertical rhythm of burnt orange metal panels. 

West elevation, image via submission to the City of Toronto

A previously proposed two-storey bridge linking The Arbour with the Daphne Cockwell complex to the south is now being advanced as a one-storey connection. A separate building permit will be required to permit construction of the bridge. 

A proposed 771.4 m² daycare space and 276.2 m² outdoor play area will be located at the southwest corner of the building at Dockside Drive and Knapp Lane. Although the building's main entrance will be located on Dockside Drive, an additional entrance is now envisioned along Queens Quay East.

Looking southwest from Queens Quay East, image via submission to the City of Toronto

Minor revisions have been made to setbacks, with an increase in the front setback from 0.45 to 0.63 metres, an increase in the west setback from 0.5 to 0.61 metres, and an increase in the rear setback from 1.2 to 1.4 metres. The changes are the result of further development of the building base detail to accommodate shoring work and to facilitate a "flush condition" with the curtain wall at the ground level.

North elevation looking south along Queens Quay East, image via submission to the City of Toronto

A total of 60 short-term and 12 long-term bicycle parking spaces will be provided, with the latter situated underground. The development does not include any vehicular parking spaces.

Proposed street furniture, image via submission to the City of Toronto

A Minor Variance application to permit the development was submitted to the City in February, 2020 and approved by the Committee of Adjustment in June. The following month, Redpath Sugar appealed the decision to the Toronto Local Appeal Body. The appeal cites issues related to "compatibility" between Redpath and the proposed development, specifically referencing the "insufficient" noise and emissions studies submitted with the Site Plan Approval application. Revised noise and air quality studies have been included in the resubmission.

Additional information and images can be found in our Database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment below.

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