A 2018 proposal calling for a 24-storey rental tower in Midtown Toronto's Davisville Village area has been replaced with a new design that has a vastly increased scope. The plan at 155 Balliol Street now calls for connected 12 and 38-storey condominium towers in place of the previous rental proposal, to rise on the west side of a Tower-in-the-Park-style apartment complex owned by Amelin Property Management. Currently occupied by an 18-storey rental apartment tower along with two-storey townhouse complex with 19 units, the existing tower would remain while the townhome block would be demolished to make way for the new development.

Looking southeast to 2020 plan for 155 Balliol Street, image via submission to City of Toronto

Replacing the Kirkor Architects-designed 2018 proposal, the Quadrangle-designed 2020 submission features a completely reimagined look along with a significant height increase. While the previous rental tower proposal was planned to reach a height of 84.12 metres, the updated proposal seeks a height of 129.6 metres. Similarly, the proposed total residential gross floor area (GFA) of approximately 37,789 m²/406,761 ft², marks a sizeable jump from the 2018 proposal's 19,880 m² GFA.

Kirkor-designed 2018 plan for 155 Balliol Street, image via submission to City of Toronto

When combined with the existing rental tower on site, the total GFA onsite would be 59,314 m². Like the existing tower, the new building is proposed entirely as residential space, with no retail or commercial space proposed. The new GFA is planned to contain 536 condominium units, proposed in a mix of 90 studios, 412 one-bedrooms, 256 two-bedrooms, and 64 three-bedrooms. In addition, 19 ground-level townhome units would serve as replacements for the existing townhomes on site. This contrasts with the previous plan's proposed 270 rental units.

Looking south to 2020 plan for 155 Balliol Street, image via submission to City of Toronto

A three-level underground garage with 263 resident and 23 visitor parking spaces would be attached to the existing complex's garage. Factoring in the existing parking, the combined garage would contain a total of 556 spaces, while an additional 15 parking spaces are planned at grade. Matching the total number of vehicular parking spaces, 556 bicycle parking spaces are proposed on P1, P2, and the ground floor.

Looking southwest to 2020 plan for 155 Balliol Street, image via submission to City of Toronto

With the new application, the developer has closed their 2018 Zoning By-law Amendment application for the property, while keeping their Rental Demolition Application active, with updated paperwork to reflect the changed development plan.

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