A race for the tallest that hearkens back to New York's Golden Era of skyscrapers is now unfolding in Mississauga, where eight towers in various states of planning and construction are vying to become that city's new tallest. Among the towers set to overtake the 56-storey, 180-metre-tall Absolute World—aka Marilyn—as Mississauga's tallest, two are set to be built as part of the mixed-use Exchange District Condos development from Camrost-Felcorp. Big changes have been happening over the past few months at the site just south of Square One Shopping Centre in advance of the complex's construction, with an emptied office building now being taken down to make way for the new towers.

Demolition at site of Exchange District Condos, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

The site at 151 City Centre Drive was fenced off this past spring, and crews from York Demolition have since been hard at work. After the building had been cleared of tenants—including a presentation centre for the Exchange District Condos—the first cuts were being made into a nine-storey office building in May. It's been a busy few months since, and after interior demolition and removal of the majority of the building's concrete punched window exterior, structural demolition is the most recent task to begin.

An excavator tearing into the steel structure, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

With the bulk of the exterior removed, excavators are now tearing into the structural steel skeleton of the tower. Structural demolition is now apparent on one corner of the building, as piles of recovered steel and other building materials take shape for future sorting and recycling.

Looking down over demolition at site of Exchange District Condos, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed


A view from above shows how crews have chipped away at the concrete floor slabs, in this case the roof and mechanical penthouse slabs, revealing the corrugated metal decking and rebar bundles below, exposed for the first time in decades.

Material sorting and demolition at site of Exchange District Condos, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

Once the site is clear, Mississauga will be primed for its next entries into the City Centre height race, with the IBI Group-designed complex bringing towers of 30, 42, 60, and 72 storeys to the site. The Exchange District will contain a mix of condominiums, two million square feet of retail, shopping, dining, and office spaces, a boutique hotel, plus a new park and other enhanced public realm spaces. Among these towers, the community's 60 and 72-storey buildings will both best 'Marilyn' in height, but are currently rank second and fifth on the city's list of future tallest buildings now in the works.

Exchange District Condos, image courtesy of Camrost-Felcorp

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