It takes years of planning, financing, and construction for a new building project to make the transition from fantasy to reality. Determining how a building fits within its environment is an important part of the planning process, and when approved for development, prospective homebuyers, renters or commercial tenants are eager to examine the finer details of their home or office. State-of-the-art technologies are now making it possible for pre-construction buildings to be seen in an entirely new light, and Mississauga-based architectural visualization firm NEEZO Studios has honed the process by providing a diverse range of digital solutions to clients.

Photo-realistic aerial rendering of Aspen Ridge District Village in Saskatoon, image via NEEZO Studios

The award-winning, one-stop architectural visualization firm has been creating 3D digital marketing assets for nearly two decades, establishing a client base all over North America. NEEZO Studios adds another dimension to digital marketing, incorporating the latest in 3D technology to showcase developments from all angles, inside and outside. Collaborating directly with builders, developers, realty brokerages and real estate marketing ad agencies throughout the planning and sales process, the company employs a rigorous toolkit, consisting of photo-realistic renderings, 3D animations, interactive apps, virtual sales centre software, websites, scale models, aerial/drone photography, and VR/AR to highlight every aspect of a project.

Scale models are one of the physical instruments it employs to tell the story of a building. With the Greater Toronto Area growing in population and density, requiring new developments of all sizes and uses, including massive, massing scale models for city and community presentations. The company's scale model business outgrew its current space. It recently acquired a second building next door to accommodate the huge demand for their scale model work. With more leg room, they can run multiple projects simultaneously. The one-stop shop utilizes 3D printing and laser cutting technologies to create standard scale models as well as interactive and augmented reality-assisted options with a variation of light sources, including interactive capabilities.

The new 6,000 ft² scale model division extends the footprint of NEEZO’s headquarters, now occupying 15,000 ft², giving it a campus-like feel, where they can continue to provide architectural visualization and real estate marketing services to their North American-wide client base.

The One scale model, image via NEEZO Studios

NEEZO's photo-realistic rendering services are extensive and diverse, offering clients exterior and interior glimpses of their buildings. Exterior renderings range from low-to mid-rise and from mid-rise to high-rise, with streetscapes and bird's-eye views represented to understand how the development will fit into the urban fabric. The firm works directly with architects and interior designers, whose specifications can be conveyed into the rendering. Furniture and accessories can be custom-made to match a client requests, with on-site interior design services also offered for those looking for a one-stop-shop service. There have been instances in the past, where a project in a prime location wasn’t selling, the developer’s team approached NEEZO and with their keen eye for visualization, NEEZO’s recommendation to change the facade immediately culminated in the selling of millions of dollars of real estate. 

Scale model for Illumina in Burlington, image via NEEZO Studios

NEEZO’s scale model and rendering services are frequently used by developers to assist throughout the approvals stage. NEEZO's campus is built to depict large community developments, giving decision-makers and members of the community a full picture of the development before construction begins.

In-house services also include a team of videographers and photographers who create story-driven animations and mini-films that can incorporate aerial, drone and time-lapse imagery. They also offer full-service real estate marketing services to launch a project, which includes project naming, branding, pre-registration websites, media planning, e-blasts, site signage, ad creation and sales centre merchandising and interior design.

NEEZO's virtual reality services adds another dimension to the sales centre experience, image via NEEZO Studios

One of NEEZO's newest applications, LiveSite™, brings the traditional sales centre experience to customers' homes. The virtual sales centre app, enables home buyers to access it across multiple platforms: desktops, laptops and mobile devices. LiveSite™ offers real-time-data, which enables sales staff to manage the sales process with a simple tap of an app, which is particularly useful during the pandemic. Updates to pricing, unit and lot availability, and more are instantly reflected across all browser experiences.

NEEZO's essence is in creating VFX. They have a sister company, NVYVE, which recently launched two video games internationally—their deep expertise in gaming translates to their creation of memorable VR experiences that enable in-depth exploration of new residential and commercial developments, recreational parks, and historic places. VR technologies are complemented by cutting-edge AR experiences across multiple platforms and markets, enabling buildings to appear in front of your eyes where a brownfield previously was, a useful tool when trying to convey the end result to investors or end buyers.

Augmented reality brings scale models to life to allow for detailing viewing, image via NEEZO Studios

To showcase material specifications and inventory changes to kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, high-end configurators and visualizers have also been designed and developed for clients, such as The Home Depot, Sears, and Avery Dennison, among many others.

Rendering of The One, image via NEEZO Studios

NEEZO is always forging new territory, having cut its teeth working for many reputable TV networks (ABC, CBS, CTV, CBC and HGTV), where they created renderings and animations for The Property Brothers™ and other design shows for more than a decade. They started the trend of furniture sliding, rolling and falling into place to convey the inspiration for the design show reveals. 

NEEZO’s work has evolved and grown over the years, with an ever-growing team of skilled web developers, in-house architects, designers, gaming programmers and, marketers all staying on top of advancements in technology to present comprehensive architectural visualization experiences for a discerning industry where minute details matter. NEEZO's resources have become a natural extension of the planning and sales processes for many builders and developers that use these technologies to give the end user a transparent and thorough user experience, while touring their projects.

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