Each year, around a hundred thousand people decide to make the Greater Toronto Area their home. They need places to live and work, supporting the construction of new housing and commercial developments across the region. Obtaining financing, skilled tradespeople, and proper approvals to bring these projects from fantasy to reality is a complex undertaking. Rising debt levels and personnel shortages cause some developments to fall victim to inexperienced general contractors, project managers and site supervisors, resulting in delays and deficiencies. Specializing in project and construction management, contracts administration, site supervision, and general contracting in all sectors of the GTA construction industry, The GeoFocus Group is a Vaughan-based advisory and consultancy company offering a multi-disciplinary approach to steering delayed and challenged construction projects back in the right direction.

The GeoFocus Group

At every stage of the property life cycle, the company's troubleshooting services get to the bottom of the issues causing project failures or suspensions, and a comprehensive recovery plan is then created and implemented to revive and complete the development.

The GeoFocus Group

Scores of construction sites across the GTA were temporarily shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, resulting in economic consequences that threaten predetermined project budgets and timetables. Developers are now wrestling with the contractual implications stemming from the stay-in-place shutdown, and with the economy hit hard by the pandemic, the long-term impacts on the industry are just now becoming apparent.

Jazz Bistro, image courtesy of The GeoFocus Group

In these unprecedented and unpredictable times, The GeoFocus Group's team of specialized construction advisors help document the work stoppage, maintain records, assist in communicating with legal advisors, lenders, suppliers and other stakeholders, address insurance and safety issues, and prepare for arbitration, mediation and litigation. When work is ready to resume, a recovery plan designed to accelerate construction is swiftly and efficiently prepared and implemented.

The GeoFocus Group

Retaining The GeoFocus Group as an Owner's Representative will also be helpful in evaluating and strengthening your contractual position by assisting with budget and cost controls, code compliance, project phasing, construction scheduling, contracts administration, negotiation and management, and project close-out. The company's client-centric approach establishes efficient lines of communication between the client, design professionals, and the construction team. The owner's expectations for schedules, quality control and contracts administration are effectively communicated, keeping everyone involved in the project on the same page.

Novotel Toronto Vaughan, image courtesy of The GeoFocus Group

The company's track record extends across the GTA and beyond, and includes the strategic completion of a Novotel in Vaughan, not far from their headquarters. The recent completion of the luxury beaux-art-style condominium development in Oakville, The Randall Residences, exemplifies the company's expertise in construction management, contracts administration and site supervision services. The GeoFocus Group was retained at the building permit stage of the project, taking it through to full completion and occupancy in the fall of 2019.

The Randall Residences, image via The GeoFocus Group

The GeoFocus Group's litigation support services provide distinct and practical solutions in times of uncertainty, with a diverse roster of project managers, construction managers, site superintendents and contract administrators joining third-party consultants who work in tandem with legal counsel to supply guidance and financial analyses. One-on-one specialized consultations provide support in a range of disputes, including delay claim, payment certification and construction defect disputes, instilling confidence and peace of mind throughout the process.

Contractors, property owners and other industry players frequently retain the services of The GeoFocus Group to act as an expert witness in a variety of disputes. Commenting on building delays, construction defects, contracts administration issues, construction costs, and code compliance requirements, expert witnesses provide testimony on a number of issues associated with construction law. The company's acting President and Chief Construction Manager Adam Altobelli is well-versed in the litigation support, project recovery and expert opinion fields, and his recent appointment to the ODACC (Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts) roster of adjudicators cements over 20 years of hands-on experience in the industry.

IKEA North York - Canopy Replacement, image courtesy of The GeoFocus Group

From the common to the complex, The GeoFocus Group has successfully completed a number of high-profile projects throughout a variety of sectors, including Ristorante Sotto Sotto Oakville, and from the preconstruction stage, capital improvement projects for IKEA Canada at all of the company's Ontario locations. Relying on a diverse team of construction professionals, with minimum out-of-house assistance, The GeoFocus Group assigns a principal to every project, ensuring that each aspect of the development is managed with senior-level attention and expertise.

UrbanToronto collaborated with The GeoFocus Group in the writing of this feature.

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