A new public art installation is emerging at Carlaw and Dundas in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood. Being built as part of the Carlaw+Dundas Community Initiative (CDCI), the new 'Brick Obelisk' installation is adding a focal point to the new Carlaw Dundas Park, west of Carlaw Avenue, north of Dundas Street East, and south of Dickens Street. The work was designed by artist Pierre Poussin for the City of Toronto and The Carlaw + Dundas Triangle. 

Brick Obelisk at Carlaw and Dundas, image by Forum contributor AlbertC

The 9.2 metre-high, three-sided pyramid—the winning entry from a 2016 design competition—features a body of weathering steel and the appearance of a modern industrial smokestack. The obelisk is finished with etchings from local maps that represent 1851, 1899, 1923, 1960, and 2016. The art piece's rusted steel exterior is set to come alive at night thanks to an internal LED lighting system that will highlight the etchings from within.

Pierre Pousin's Brick Obelisk, image via pierrepoussin.com

After a couple years without progress, the first signs of site activity were spotted back in September, 2019, when the installation’s site was fenced off and crews began forming the obelisk’s foundation. By the end of December, the obelisk had been installed as work continued on the surrounding landscaping. This landscaping is now wrapping up, with poured concrete paving being joined by paving stones.

Brick Obelisk at Carlaw and Dundas, image by Forum contributor AlbertC

Though the CDCI was targeted for a 2018 completion, the date was bumped back a couple times to the current 2020 completion date. With just a bit of paving work and the removal of fencing left to go, the new installation should be available to the public in the coming weeks.

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