Our annual Growth To Watch For series is back for another year, bigger, taller, and more comprehensive than ever before. Over the course of the year, we're bringing you to every significant development happening across the 416 and beyond into the Greater Toronto Area. We're covering everything from brand new proposals, to those inching their way through the planning process, to those already under construction or about to be completed.

A total of 25 reports will be available to subscribers throughout the year, with nine released so far. (Details about how to get them can be found at the bottom of this article.) For a taste of what's offered in the tenth report, here's a sneak peek at the area highlighted.

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This edition of our Growth to Watch For series picks up where our previous report left off after moving through North York Centre and Willowdale. Now pushing east this report moves through eastern North York and North Scarborough, highlighting growth on major corridors like Sheppard, Finch, and Steeles, while zigzagging across the area to cover all the projects in between.

Map outlining the area covered, image via Google Maps

Existing land use conditions in Toronto's suburban areas offer a range of redevelopment opportunities, including large multi-tower developments on expansive low-density properties. A number of these large-scale projects are planned in the area covered in this report, including the Lansing Square Redevelopment at Sheppard and Victoria Park, where ELAD Canada hopes to redevelop a mostly low-rise commercial office park with four new condominium towers  of up to 40 storeys, 5 blocks of 3-storey townhouses, and a 19-storey office tower.

Looking south across Sheppard Avenue to the proposed Lansing Square Redevelopment, image courtesy of ELAD Canada

Much further east, significant change is happening in the Kennedy and Sheppard area, where multiple multi-tower communities are in various stages of development. Tridel's Metrogate community on Village Green Square is the furthest along, with 5 condo towers built, one wrapping up construction, and the seventh and final tower in its early stages of construction. The cluster will be joined by the two-tower  KSquare Condominiums from Kingdom Developments, which recent broke ground on Village Green Square. To the north of a rail bridge at the north end of this growing cluster, a short street called Cowdray Court also has several buildings proposed. Just northwest of Cowdray Court, Agincourt Mall is another site with multi-tower plans in the works… all as developers gravitate to this growing development node.

Retail streetscape with residential towers in the Agincourt Mall Redevelopment, image from the North American Development Group

A number of smaller-scaled projects are also helping to fill in the gaps across the area covered in this report, while also helping to address shortages in both affordable and seniors housing. This includes mid-rise plans like the retirement residence planned at 25 Glen Watford, and the affordable rent-to-own mid-rise and townhome blocks taking shape at Daniels First Home: Markham Sheppard.

Midrises at Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard, image by Edward Skira

New Growth to Watch For 2019 reports are being released on an ongoing basis, each covering a different section of the Greater Toronto Area. The series' upcoming eleventh report will move south into central Scarborough, where there is even more urban growth to cover.

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