A development proposal in the Toronto borough of Scarborough that has weathered a series of starts and stops is beginning to gain traction. Located at the corner of Sheppard Avenue East and Warden Avenue, 3445 Sheppard is a residential development poised to add density and contribute reinvestment to the northeastern neighbourhood. Originally proposed several years prior as a pair of 10 and 11-storey mid-rise residential buildings with ground level retail plus accompanying 4 storey stacked townhouses to the south.

A rendering of a previous plan for 3445 Sheppard Avenue East, via Architecture Unfolded

Fast forward to 2019, and the plans have shifted somewhat, the biggest change coming in the form of massing. While the make-up of a pair of mid-rises and townhomes blocks to the south remains the same, the floor count of the taller mid-rise has been altered to 14 storeys. (Mid-rise roof heights are 31.5m and 43.2m). The stacked townhouses are now three storeys, with a height of 11.5m.

A current rendering of 3445 Sheppard Avenue East, via TAES Architects

The total number of residential units in the TAES Architects-designed project clocks in at 352, a moderate decrease from 371 in the original plan. A combination of 1 studio, 192 one bedrooms, 115 two bedrooms, and 44 three or more bedroom apartments make up the mix. The typical unit size will range from 47m² for a studio to 100m² for a three bedroom. Total gross floor area for the project is 30,740m² with a 37.7% lot coverage allowing for a good amount of open space available to those in and around the development.

A current eye level rendering of 3445 Sheppard Avenue East, via TAES Architects

Approximately 420 parking spots will be constructed for the development, 316 of which will be made available for residents with the remaining 104 spots reserved for visitors and retail customers. Additionally, 237 bike parking spaces are also proposed for residents. The future Sheppard East LRT is proposed run directly by this project, and the stop at Warden would make it extremely transit friendly for residents while boosting walkability in the area.

The most recent Site Plan Approval application submitted to the City of Toronto is still under review, but check back for more updates as this project progresses!

Additional information and images can be found in our database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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