The last three days of Hot Docs 2019 are upon us, and they come with lots of great films to choose among. Included is the chance for a couple of free screenings: on the Cinesphere's amazingly huge IMAX screen on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 PM, there's a double bill of Flight of the Butterflies 3D and Hubble 3D, while on Sunday at 7 PM at the Ted Rogers Hot Docs Cinema, the Rogers Audience Award winner for the Best Canadian Documentary will be screened. As of Thursday, the leading contender was a film called Prey about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, but two more days of voting might unseat it: you won't know until you're in the theatre on Sunday night! Otherwise, there's also this great option for seniors and students: Seniors (60+) and students with a valid ID can take advantage of free admission to films that start before 5:00 PM. Tickets can be obtained at the screening’s venue box office on the day of the screening, subject to availability.

In the meantime, there are lots of films worth paying for too. Last week we highlighted three films that may be of particular interest to UrbanToronto readers for their urban condition focus. Of those, Push has one more screening on Saturday at Hart House at 9:15 PM, while Beauty And Decay has one more screening on Sunday at the Scotiabank Theatre at 6:30 PM.

An image from Anbessa, courtesy of Hot Docs

Another film worth bringing you attention to is Anbessa. Set on the edge of one of Addis Ababa's growing suburbs, the new development is encroaching on hardscrabble farmland where 8-year-old Asalif lives in an earthen-walled shack with his single mother. Just steps away is the new sprawl and the invading "condo boys" whom he mistrusts. Asalif copes by summoning his inner lion "Anbessa". While some scenes are very clearly scripted, the film has a very naturalistic feel to it and convincingly portrays the isolation, wonder, and precociousness of childhood in a strange world, all the while asking what is being gained and what is being lost as housing tracts march across the outskirts of growing cities.

An image from Anbessa, courtesy of Hot Docs

Anbessa's last screening is at the Aga Khan Museum on Sunday at 3:15 PM.

Beyond that, there's plenty more to choose from, and you can find the whole schedule here.