Last Sunday, UrbanToronto forum contributor "drum118" visited the future Mount Dennis Station and Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility for the Crosstown Light Rail Transit line to shoot some photos. His shots illustrate how much the western terminus of the line has progressed since we toured the site last August.

Crews have reinstalled the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks on the new bridge over Eglinton Avenue West. They're also installing track poles to support the catenary (overhead wiring) for the spur line linking the maintenance yard with the mainline LRT track.

Further east on the "elevated guideway", carrying the LRT over Black Creek Drive and into Mount Dennis Station, crews also appear to be ready to lay down the tracks. They have already poured most of the overpass and have formed curbs. They're also ready to remove the temporary steel shoring supports that they put in place during construction of the bridge piers.

Even further east, the LRT will pass through a portal and then continue underground for more than ten kilometres to Brentcliffe Road.

Metrolinx intends to open the LRT less than three years from now in September 2021.

Tracks on the new CPR bridge over Eglinton Avenue West. The former Kodak building, right, image by drum118

In the distance on the left side of both photos, above and below, an area of wit can be seen amongst the trees: that will be the Weston Road entrance to Mount Dennis station. The Kodak building, above and below at right, will be a community centre, with a bus terminal out front.

The glass station box with the historic Kodak building behind, image by drum118

Behind the windows of the LRT station see below, lie construction trailers on the site of the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility (EMSF).

A spur line to the maintenance facility leads from the mainline east of the station, image by drum118

East of the station, switch tracks will soon be installed to allow LRT trains to enter or exit the line, going to and from the EMSF.

A closer look at the connection between the mainline and spur line tracks, image by drum118

Some tracks are already in place in the area of the EMSF. Many poles are now installed which will suspend the electrical wires over the spur tracks and yard.

Crews have already installed the racks and overhead poles for the spur, image by drum118

The view to the east along Eglinton includes the diversions in that road as construction continues on the LRT guideway. It will pop over Black Creek Drive on the bridge currently under construction in the mid-ground, while east of that a lower bridge will take the LRT over the Black Creek itself before it heads into the tunnel portal where the hill starts. Keelesdale station is the next on the line, halfway up the hill, while Caledonia station is located at the top of the hill in the distance.

Looking east along Eglinton, this photo reveals the "elevated guideway" over Black Creek and, in the distance, the tunnel portal, image by drum118

We will continue to update you as work at Mount Dennis progresses. What do you think? Add your comments in the form below or join the discussion on our Forum.

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