It's that time of year again! Rounding up another busy year of city building, we are returning with our fifth annual UrbanToronto Year-End Readers' Poll, giving you the chance to vote on your favourite new buildings completed over the last 12 months. This year, we are back with 35 newly completed projects spread across the city. If this year's entries were stacked atop each other, Toronto would have a brand new 816-storey tower!

This year's candidates have been grouped into height ranges, giving you the chance to pick a favourite in each grouping. We have split them into… Favourite Mid-Rise (6 to 10 storeys); Favourite Mid-Rise (11 to 19 storeys); Favourite High-Rise (20 to 29 storeys); Favourite High-Rise (30 to 39 storeys); and Favourite High-Rise (40 storeys and above).

At the end of this story, we will direct you to the survey itself where you'll get larger versions of the building renderings plus links to recent photographs of each of them… but let's take a quick look at the 35 qualifying buildings now, by group:

Favourite Mid-Rise (6 to 10 storeys)

Our first category features a mix of buildings as tall as ten storeys. This category features seven candidates ranging in height from 15 to 39 metres. One buildings—1133 Yonge Street—is all commercial, while the rest are residential condo and rental developments: Two Hundred The Beach, Howard Park 2, Ten93 Queen West, Oben Flats St. Clair West, Kingston &Co, and Haven on the Bluffs.

Favourite Mid-Rise (6 to 10 storeys)

Favourite Mid-Rise (11 to 19 storeys)

Next up, our second category invites you to select their favourite building of 2018 between 11 and 19 storeys, with heights ranging from 40 to 74 metres. This category has nine projects contending, eight of which are condominium developments Totem Condos, Lotus Condos, ZIGG, The Village by Main Station, The Harlowe, Yorkdale Condominiums, Connect Condos, and Cove at Waterways, while 130 QQE at Daniels Waterfront is the lone commercial development in this category.

Favourite Mid-Rise (10 to 20 storeys)

Favourite High-Rise (20 to 29 storeys)

Moving up in height, our next category features high-rise buildings in the 20 to 29-storey range, with heights between 75 and 94 metres. This category includes 9 candidates, one rental tower (Regent Park: Block 27) and a hotel tower (Hotel X), but primarily condos of course: Sixty Colborne, Smart House, Axiom Condos, Fifth on the Park at Emerald City, Rise Condos, The Kip District Phase 1, and Trio at Atria.

Favourite High-Rise (20 to 30 storeys)

Favourite High-Rise (30 to 39 storeys)

Jumping into the next ten-storey grouping, our next category includes a selection of five high-rise towers ranging between 30 and 39 storeys, with heights between 95 and 119 metres. Four of the five entries in this category are condominium towers: Alter, 101 Erskine, Vox Condominiums, and the Park Club at Emerald City, while Ryerson University's Jarvis Street Residence is the lone rental tower contending in this category.

Favourite High-Rise (30 to 40 storeys)

Favourite High-Rise (40 storeys and above)

The tallest new buildings have always been the most voted-for category over the five years we've run our polls, with 2018 bringing us five new candidates with heights of 40 storeys or greater. This year's crop includes three condominium towers—87 Peter, Westlake Encore, Casa III—and two luxury rental towers—The Livmore and The Selby—all taller than 120 metres.

Favourite High-Rise (40+ storeys)

You can vote up until 11:59 PM on New Year's Day, January 1, 2019. We will announce the winners on the day after.

In the meantime, spread the word! The more votes, the better the poll reflects Torontonians' feelings about the way the city is developing. You do not need to be an UrbanToronto member to vote. Voice your opinions on this year's candidates and share the poll on social media using the hashtag, #UrbanTorontoPoll. Click this link to go to the survey now… and have fun!

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