UrbanToronto's Forum has relaunched with a new look, bringing plenty of new features and improved functionality to an online community with almost 30,000 members, over 1.3 million posts, and roots stretching back over 16 years. Predating our news page by several years and still serving as the backbone of our online community, the Forum remains a place for discussions and an important resource for crowd-sourced content about Toronto construction, development, architecture, transportation, real estate, and more. Over the years, the nature of how we interact with media has evolved, and like previous upgrades to the Forum, the new update addresses these changes with improvements to photo uploading and online sharing abilities.

UrbanToronto's new Forum upgrade

The latest software upgrade also offers a responsive mobile-friendly design, making browsing the Forum from mobile devices far easier than before.

Mobile-friendly browsing added in UrbanToronto's new Forum upgrade

Another notable addition is the calendar page, which allows Forum members to submit event dates and times for planning meetings, LPAT hearings, public consultations, or any other event relevant to the topics typically discussed on UrbanToronto. Once verified and approved by an administrator, events will be visible to all.

Want to know more about the people who contribute to UrbanToronto? A "Members" page acts as a virtual scoreboard of our most prolific community members, ranked by their number of posts and "likes". Have a Forum-related issue that needs to be brought to the attention of moderators? The Notable Members page offers a list of staff, as well as links to contact them through the Forum. You can also use this page to see the day's member birthdays, and the newest members who have joined the site.

Members page added in UrbanToronto's new Forum upgrade

Fostering improved connectivity between the Forum, the front page, the project database, as well as our global and city sites, your new navbar at the top of the page boasts new functionality. Looking for a specific thread? Try the search feature. Want to see what is most popular on the site? Check out the trending icon! The navbar also features a camera icon, linking you with our quick upload feature. This button is great for uploading photos to a thread on the go, allowing you to share photos with the community within seconds of capturing.

Functional and cosmetic tweaks may continue as we adjust to the upgraded software, and Forum users are encouraged to share their concerns and ideas as part of the beta testing period. We appreciate your patience as we work toward a bigger and better UrbanToronto experience. Next up: UrbanToronto's front page will be updated with a new look and a better mobile experience in he coming weeks. Stay tuned!

- The UrbanToronto Team