It's been a full year and a half since we checked in on construction at Lindvest's Sonic and SuperSonic Condos, a pair of 28 and 30-storey IBI Group-designed condominium towers being built just east of the future Science Centre station on the Crosstown LRT. When we last looked at the site in the spring of 2017, construction had just begun with the shoring phase, and in the time since, the towers have ascended over two thirds of the way towards their final heights of 297 and 316 feet.

Sonic and SuperSonic Condos viewed from the north, image by Forum contributor G.L.17

With both towers now rising 22 storeys, cladding installation has begun to enclose the podium and lower levels of the towers. The main building envelope is coming in the form of dark window wall of glazing and grey spandrel framed in grey mullions. Rows of metal framing can be seen forming vertical piers, which will be finished in a dark brick treatment.

Sonic and SuperSonic Condos viewed from the west, image by Forum contributor G.L.17

Once completed in 2019, the development will boast a new green space that will operate as a Privately Owned Publicly-Accessible Space (POPS). It will be landscaped by the NAK Design Strategies, including a figure 8-shaped walking path, carving through an outdoor fitness station and a children's playground.

Sonic and SuperSonic Condos, image courtesy of Lindvest

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