In the eight months since we last checked in on construction at Tridel's Islington Terrace, the initial phase of the three-tower condominium complex has gained a significant presence on the local skyline just north of Islington subway station in Toronto's west end. The Kirkor Architects-designed development's 45-storey first tower has grown significantly in the heart of Etobicoke while other parts of the development are moving ahead too, just not as obviously from a distance.

Looking north to Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

The first phase tower has now risen to a height of 27 storeys, well over halfway towards its final 145-metre height. As forming progresses, cladding installation is just getting underway on the building's lower levels. Two-tone precast frames are now visible rising as high as the tower's ninth floor, while glazing installation is just starting, offering a hint into how the completed development will look.

Cladding on the first phase of Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

To the west, the development's 35-storey second tower, known as Bloorvista, located under the red crane below, has also progressed quite a bit since November, when forming had recently begun for its underground garage. Phase two's share of the podium that will connect the three towers is now formed as well, and forming has begun for the first tower floor above the podium. Also prominent now are townhomes that will create a three-storey street wall along the south side of Mabelle Avenue.

Podium taking shape for Bloorvista (right), image by Craig White

Between the townhomes and the towers will be a courtyard area, better made out in the image below.

Townhomes at Islington Terrace (right), image by Craig White

To the east of the first phase tower, the third phase tower—known as Bloor Promenade—will rise 44 storeys from its share of the conjoined podium, which has yet to be formed. Due to the site's high water table, concrete caisson walls are being formed below grade in advance of the third phase's excavation. Based on the progress seen in the current photos, we can expect to see a pit excavated later this year.

Caisson wall taking shape for phase 3 of Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

Islington Terrace's new residential density on Mabelle will be complemented by a new element of public infrastructure that will shorten the path between the site and the nearby Islington subway station. A grand staircase and accessible ramp will connect the east end of the site down to the lower grade of Islington Avenue, improving access to the neighbourhood for all residents.

Grand Staircase at Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

To make this connection, a concrete retaining wall between two bridges over Islington Avenue has been removed on the west side, and the earth behind is being re-graded to a slope to suit the staircase, accompanying ramps, and gardens. The first signs of forming are now apparent for the staircase, visible on the left of the image below.

Grand Staircase at Islington Terrace, image by Craig White

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